Creative Content for Creative People

My Work

I write content that empowers my clients to promote their best work to the audience who most needs it.

With a liberal arts background myself, I truly relate to today’s creative entrepreneurs and job seekers striving to make a livelihood by pursuing their passions. That’s what led me to begin a blog, an endeavor that has since blossomed into a full-fledged career and lifestyle.

Past Work

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Behind the Scenes

All in all, I have written 500+ articles on careers, entrepreneurship, holistic health, art, design, social sciences, technology and digital marketing.

This combines a bit of my personal blogging, compensated guest blogging and ghostwriting.

Some Contributor Networks I’m Working On

What You Can Expect

I hold myself up to very high standards when producing content for clients. I wouldn’t want my blog to be ridden with clumsy grammatical errors or outdated information and, I’m sure, neither would you.

Not only do I seek to work with those who have products, services, and ideas that I wholeheartedly believe in, but I also serve as a brand ambassador for them.

Here’s what I offer:

  • Sponsored Blog Posts that position your brand as a supporter of my sites.
  • Tutorials & Reviews as sponsored posts reviewing your product or service.
  • Guest Blog Posts on your site or as sponsored posts on sites of PR 3+/DA 40+.

As a client, I want you to be able to take advantage of:

  • 5K+ ambassadors & social media followers.
  • 10K+ engagements & reach for brands with yearly sponsorships.
  • The ILMC Network, a free digital learning platform for creators & companies.

Now, are you ready to bring your work to life with content that fuels your lifestyle and gives your brand a voice?

Here is your green light! Fill in your details in the contact form below to so we can start discussing your present needs.

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