It’s Your Money. It’s the Future. It’s a Disease.

Child Poverty

There are always truths waiting to be uncovered, whether or not they’re common knowledge to the rest of the world around us. Sometimes what we think we know about a grave, global issue can be summed up in a simpler way that makes it easier to tackle. Go ahead: take this in and try this method. See if you’re not inspired to enact more justice in your daily life. Continue reading


Speaking the Universal Language of Art Therapy

I blustered about the premises in search of yellow-toned paper. No one helped me this time or came trailing behind me every 30 seconds to ask for scissors or glue or colored pencils. With every step, with every passing minute … Continue reading

Time to Stand Up…and Stretch

“You’re at a crossroads,” my mom expressed to me earlier this evening. Today, in spite of being nauseously nauseous, I pressed through and did my work. It was hard. I swore I would pass out. As a result, though, I received … Continue reading


“There is a God…who loves me.” ~ “Wrap Me In Your Arms” by Martha Munizzi My mom and I had a conversation the other night. I told her about the color yellow and how it was in a dream I had with her … Continue reading

Who I Am is “Enough”

“A faithful person will be richly blessed.” Proverbs 28: 20 Wanting to hear an affirmation from me, my coach asked me earlier today to put something into my own words to which I responded, “I am enough.” Yes, I am … Continue reading