Instead of Trying to Do It All

Tech Productivity Tips and Tools for Entrepreneurs

Being organized is a daily challenge. It takes discipline and a crazy amount of mental energy, especially when you’re working for yourself. That’s why I have reviewed a variety of software, digital automation tools and online platforms, all of which have helped me and will hopefully help you tackle your own organization. It’s time to cut back on all those hand written notes and lost time because there are far too many user-friendly technologies out there that can make your life easier. Continue reading


Had I Known the Internet Would Change My Life

How the Internet Changed My Life

People are turning their passions into careers everyday. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon that same opportunity, but it didn’t just fall into my lap. I had to pursue it, which I did by cultivating my interests and by teaching myself to use the digital tools available on the internet. I want to show you, too, how some of those tools can help you take your work to the next level.
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A New Way to Look at Blogging

A New Way to Look at Blogging

No matter how you go about curating digital content that suits interests, what matters most is your approach and willingness to make it a regular habit. There is much to gain from having any kind of presence on the web. Take it from me: a recovering creative procrastinator. This is the story of how I eventually got started and discovered abundance waiting on the other side of the blogging world. Continue reading

Answers to Your Burning Business, Career, and Lifestyle Questions

Cat Meme / Your Life and Your Work

The real matter at hand is you, what you have been looking for, the answers to your burning questions about your business and self-made career, the tips on how to make simple and accessible tools work to your advantage. Continue reading