Along the Way with Nutritionist, Audry Godwyn, CNHP

Audry Godwyn, Nutritionist, CNHP

By now, I’m figuring that most–if not all–of you have had at least one close encounter with a health challenge and the reality of death. The conversation I had with Audry, a Nutritionist and budding Acupuncturist, took me back to my own painful experiences of meeting my maker, but they also aided me in finding a nourishing and healing place, one of balance and serenity. If that’s something you need, I urge you to hear her incredible and touching story. Continue reading


Along the Way with Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

As vulnerable as I have been, there are still some areas I don’t touch upon too much. Not so much the case with Rakhi, a brilliant, health-conscious foodie who vibrantly reveals her successes and setbacks with an inspiring openness. If you been feeling stuck, low in energy, unfocused, mentally foggy, or unmotivated, Rakhi’s insights are the key to finding that sacred interconnectedness that can return you to feeling like YOU again. Continue reading