Privacy Checkup: Are You Leaving Yourself Vulnerable?

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Had I Known the Internet Would Change My Life

How the Internet Changed My Life

People are turning their passions into careers everyday. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon that same opportunity, but it didn’t just fall into my lap. I had to pursue it, which I did by cultivating my interests and by teaching myself to use the digital tools available on the internet. I want to show you, too, how some of those tools can help you take your work to the next level.
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A New Way to Look at Blogging

A New Way to Look at Blogging

No matter how you go about curating digital content that suits interests, what matters most is your approach and willingness to make it a regular habit. There is much to gain from having any kind of presence on the web. Take it from me: a recovering creative procrastinator. This is the story of how I eventually got started and discovered abundance waiting on the other side of the blogging world. Continue reading