Along the Way with Nutritionist, Audry Godwyn, CNHP

Audry Godwyn, Nutritionist, CNHP

By now, I’m figuring that most–if not all–of you have had at least one close encounter with a health challenge and the reality of death. The conversation I had with Audry, a Nutritionist and budding Acupuncturist, took me back to my own painful experiences of meeting my maker, but they also aided me in finding a nourishing and healing place, one of balance and serenity. If that’s something you need, I urge you to hear her incredible and touching story. Continue reading


Along the Way with Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

As vulnerable as I have been, there are still some areas I don’t touch upon too much. Not so much the case with Rakhi, a brilliant, health-conscious foodie who vibrantly reveals her successes and setbacks with an inspiring openness. If you been feeling stuck, low in energy, unfocused, mentally foggy, or unmotivated, Rakhi’s insights are the key to finding that sacred interconnectedness that can return you to feeling like YOU again. Continue reading

Something for the People Who Grew Up Too Fast

Lea Michele Glee

On this silent, dewy summer night of July 2013, I too heard the cry heard around the world, and it was no ordinary cry. What I’m still hearing today is pulling this kind of stuff out of the depths of my heart. Continue reading

Along the Way with Mari McCarthy, The Journal Power Guide

Mari L. McCarthy, The Journal Power Guide

What happens when someone goes from working in a Fortune 1000 client management consulting business to working full-time from home, journaling and making a living through creative expression? Someone like Mari McCarthy, Journal Power Guide of Create Write Now, emerges. Continue reading