Digging a Ditch

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It’s Your Money. It’s the Future. It’s a Disease.

Child Poverty

There are always truths waiting to be uncovered, whether or not they’re common knowledge to the rest of the world around us. Sometimes what we think we know about a grave, global issue can be summed up in a simpler way that makes it easier to tackle. Go ahead: take this in and try this method. See if you’re not inspired to enact more justice in your daily life. Continue reading

Your [Not-So Little] Superpowers

Your Superpowers. Your Abilities. Your Gifts

Have you ever woken up and felt an incredibly sharp pain in your body the instant you stood up to get out of bed? That’s pretty much what it was like when I “awoke” to myself and realized that my profession and my innate purpose, whether or not I wanted to see it, were misaligned. Yeah, I would equate that pain to a dislocation or a slipped disk; and I experienced some more tangible pain to help me discover what I didn’t want to see at first. What has changed since I opened my eyes? Continue reading