Along the Way with John Kurth, Creator of Doug Does Life

John Kurth, Creator of Doug Does Life

Tragedies. Pain. Discomfort. Setbacks. Disappointments. Those are all the kinds of things, and powerful things, that could easily make one think that life is over. The key to survival and thriving in the face of such dire circumstances, though, partially depends upon how someone makes the most of (or creates) an opportunity like John did. Continue reading


Along the Way with Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

As vulnerable as I have been, there are still some areas I don’t touch upon too much. Not so much the case with Rakhi, a brilliant, health-conscious foodie who vibrantly reveals her successes and setbacks with an inspiring openness. If you been feeling stuck, low in energy, unfocused, mentally foggy, or unmotivated, Rakhi’s insights are the key to finding that sacred interconnectedness that can return you to feeling like YOU again. Continue reading

Along the Way with Toby, Travel Blogger

Toby, Travel Blogger

I’m learning more about language and culture everyday, which makes it all the more interesting when I encounter another Spanish speaker on the web like Toby, a travel blogger–go figure! Although she has worked with numbers in accounting roles and financial analysis roles throughout her entire career, her passion is Spain and the Spanish language, which she has a degree in. A tapestry of beautiful photos, motivating quotes, and poignant experiences–Toby’s blog can take you on an adventure without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Continue reading

Along the Way with Author Roberta McDonnell, PhD

Roberta McDonnell, Author PhD

There are a good number of people who obtained schooling and professional training in a field. What never ceases to motivate me is the fact that some of them are willing to share what they know and do it so creatively. Roberta McDonnell is that kind of person. Continue reading