HITRECORD: What Is it Like and Should You Join?

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How I’m Doing Less Freelance Work and Striving to Make More Passive Income

Funny Tips About Money

I’m not an expert in much, passive income generation included, but if there’s one thing I do know it’s that I’m forever an expert of learning; and I’m forever learning about myself in the process. Part of that has allowed me to tune into aspects of my professional life, assess where I was ineffective or dissatisfied and then proceed with a fresh perspective about what I needed to do better and how my lessons can benefit entrepreneurs like yourself. Continue reading

Along the Way with Mikial Kenneth Millard, Writer and Artist

Mikial Kenneth Millard, Writer and Artist

There’s no reason to shy away from your situation as it stands now.

There’s no reason to lose the present moment.

Much rather, you can still accept the process for what it is although you might not have all the chips in place, or your project might not be going as planned, or you’re lacking the resources you want and need.

Take a deep breath because you’re exactly where you are.

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