I’m Sandra.

I have a lot of gifts to share with you.

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I have also set up The ILMC Network, a talent network where creative professionals from all walks of life can come get encouragement, share ideas, and promote their work.

What is this Blog?

I started this blog back in January of 2012, although in a way I really started it [mentally] back in 2008 when I was first getting hooked onto this new internet and social media thing. If you’re curious, I wrote some more about myself and the little back story on how I got started.

My Work Here

With a liberal arts background myself, I truly relate to today’s creative entrepreneurs and careerists striving to make a livelihood by pursuing their passions.

I write about modern communication technologies in order to help people like yourself use them in supporting your work and your lifestyle. Click to learn more about what I do.

Where I Have Been

I have written for Modern Life Blogs and Under30CEO.

You can also see the work I have published to other contributor networks like Bubblews.

If you sign up for my free newsletter, you’ll get biweekly inspiration that will help you leverage the power of digital media to hand craft and promote the work you live to create.

What’s Here on the Blog?

Along the Way is a never-ending stream of discussions, shared moments, and conversations from people who inspire the world.

{Popular Post: Along the Way with Mari L. McCarthy, The Journal Power Guide}

Paths and Reflections is a variety of accounts that I have written or transferred to this blog. They address a diverse set of topics regarding communications, art, spirituality, religion, mental health, technology, and lifestyle.

{Popular Post: Celebrating Our Very Merry Unbirthdays on Twitter}

“Share your voice.” is a project that provides artists an outlet to express themselves in authentic, mindful, and emotionally intelligent ways with the help of weekly journaling prompts. I want to continually foster the community spirit by inviting project members to also promote the work they produce themselves on social media using the hashtag #ShareYourVoiceProject.

{Popular Post: Define Happiness}

Sitting Down on Sundays is a blog series for my reflections and musings about career, business, entrepreneurship, creativity and inspired living overall. By writing every other Sunday, I hope to give you some encouragement and strength to continue walking your journey each week.

{Popular Post: A New Way to Look at Blogging}

Get in Touch!

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