Resources for Creative Inspiration

This page contains links to articles I have written

which can serve as a multitude of creative inspiration

for your business, your career and many other areas of life in general.

If it’s encouragement you need or ideas or motivation, read on!

Everything Starts on Paper

If You Are Writing for Free…

Reading 101 for Better Writing

10 Things You Can Write About Today

Writing Methods to Try Out

Boost Your Writing Productivity

Tips for Using Bubblews to Improve Your Writing Skills

Checklist for a Profitable Article

Use Published Articles as Writing Samples

Traits Every Good Writer Must Have

A Day in the Life

Why I Work from Home

There’s Something I Realized About My Writing Career

Taking a Break from Writing

The Best Compliment a Freelancer Could Ever Receive!

The Beauty of Being a Writer

3 Random Things I Wrote About for Freelance Writing Gigs

Make Your Clients Love You!

The Only Thing You Need to Worry About as a Writer

Dealing with Being a Young Entrepreneur

Crush on a Coworker

$24 per Article…

A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

The Struggle is Real

Asking for Help Does Not Mean Failure

When You’ve Fallen and You Can’t Get Up

What to Do When Work Slows Down

Antidotes to Writers Block

Things that Slow Down the Writing Process

What it Takes to Make a Residual $1000/Monthly from Writing

Should You Write More or Less?

When Things are Looking Up, You Cannot Help But Look Up Too

Struggles with Online Money-Making

Pay Off Your Student Debt Like It’s Nothing

 Food for Thought

What Do You Need the Most Right Now?

An Entrepreneur’s Way of Taking a Vacation

One Way to Think About Your Day

When are You Most Productive?

Am I the Only One?

5 Ideas to Help You Write More Creatively

The Wisdom of the Elderly

A Breakthrough is Coming

A New Step in Thought Leadership

The Best Opportunities are Disguised

Why It Helps to Be Opinionated

How to Make the Most of Your Resources

One Minute Insights for the Entrepreneur

How Can Consistency Literally Pay Off?

The 3 Muses You Meet in the Unexpected

The Art of the Follow Up

Thoughts on the Death of Cory Monteith

Humans vs. Animals

Simple Yet Life Changing Things I Learned from Dad

How to Make the Most of Your Resources

Guilty Pleasures

Have You Ever…

“I Never Sign Anything without Pretending to Read the Terms of Service First”

When a Telemarketer Calls

10 Things that Made Me a Hippie Child

Why Do Girls Like Twilight So Much?

 Make it Work

Write About What You Want (Bonus Resources)

How Much Money Will You Make?

Creative Money-Making with Zazzle

Not Another List of Productivity Tips for Writers

Making $700 Every Week

Getting More from Less Work

Top Things that Drive Customers Crazy

Essential Lessons I Learned Networking

What the Freelancer and the Entrepreneur Have in Common

Should You Go Get a REAL Job?

A Vision Board for Wealth, Abundance, and Success

Making Money from…Google Searches?

People Will Pay You to Talk to Your Friends

Talent Networks: How That Could Help Your Business

General Rules of Thumb for Hiring Freelancers for Your Business

 Creativity is Healthy

The Root Chakra + Why it Matters to Professional Women

Find Relief from Your Work-at-Home Back and Body Pains

Setting Boundaries

Steps to Simplifying Life

The Power of Visualization

EFT Helps You Face Disappointments

Reinvent Yourself and Your Branding

Why I am NOT Taking Action Right Now

 Technology is Your Paintbrush

My Marketing and Networking Strategy SIMPLIFIED

What Should Your eBook Be About? – Part 1

What Should Your eBook Be About? – Part 2

The Amazing Things You Can Do with Blogger

Resources for Custom Blog Photos

Simplify Your Life, Organize Your Stock Photos

The Importance of Pictures in Your Articles

8 Things You Might Not Know About Pinterest

My Favorite Social Media Hacks and Time-Savers

Guidelines for Crafting Unique Tweets

The Pinterest Boost Challenge of 2014 – UPDATE!

Connect on LinkedIn to Boost Your Views

The Internet: The Good, The Bad, The Downright Annoying

New Trends in Digital Media You Should Know About

Finding Great Guest Blogging Platforms

What are Backlinks and How Should You Use Them?


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