4 Signs That You Need a New Job

I have been there, and I know that it’s possible you could be too.

Work at Home Journey

Swapping jobs is never an easy decision to take. Decades ago, it was common to join an industry and stay with the same company for the entirety of your working life. Now we live with a highly mobile workforce.

According to Jeanne Meister writing for Forbes.com, she said the average worker will change jobs once every 4.4 years, and it’s about half this for younger workers. We have more choice than ever before and you don’t need to accept garbage from your boss.

If you’re wondering whether the time has come for you to move on, look out for these four warning signs.

  1.      Your Work isn’t Appreciated 

You’re a highly skilled individual who puts their heart and soul into doing the best they can. It’s obvious you’re doing everything you can, but you haven’t received any praise since your probation period ended.

Life’s too short to let…

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in solidarity

In an extroverted society, someone braves to go the opposite route and take the journey inward rather than out.

Living Chapters

IMG_8490 IMG_6836

So I have been spending A LOT of time this month engaged in independent introspection through my own meditation practices, in my readings and in reflection writing sessions in response to the readings Seth has assigned. I enjoyed my alone time greatly but was open to testing out the shared experience of a community spiritual gathering. I was asked to participate in at least one religious or spiritual service this month. I was happy that I was able to participate in two. The two were very different in their own right and I feel as if I could have written a blog post on each as I had very different experiences and feelings about each of them, but as Seth mentioned in his initial chapter challenge this month he wanted this chapter “to be to be more internally reflective and self-examining.” My descriptions of both events will inevitably leave out…

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SPC Communications Professor Honored for Using Digital Media to Engage Students

St. Petersburg College news

Dr. Jennifer Haber, SPC Communications FacultySt. Petersburg College communications professor Dr. Jennifer Haber received a national award for using social media and technology to engage her students.

Haber is the 2013 recipient of Crestron’s Summum Bonum Award. Latin for “the highest good,” the national award is presented to teachers with a track record of improving student achievement and making a difference in the lives of their students.

A national provider of classroom equipment, Crestron will present Haber with a plaque and a check for $2,000 at an event on the Tarpon Springs Campus on Jan. 15, 2014.

“Technology is everywhere and evolves constantly,” Haber said. “As educators it’s important that we keep trying new technologies that can help our students be better learners.”

Haber finds time to learn about and test new technologies by utilizing the resources and expertise her campus Instructional Design Technologist (IDT) provides.

“Jennifer is always reaching out to explore new ways…

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