People Are Here Just Once…Except These Ones

You know how some people say ‘don’t settle for less.’ What if that also applied to life and death as well. What if we have been going through cycles of scams for ages, for lifetimes, throughout our past lifetimes, not really ascending into our true abilities.

It’s interesting to think just how much power we have within us, at our fingertips. I mean, could we really live forever and, if so, how would it be possible?

Why should we even care, you know, seeing how so many forms of religion have taught detachment, that eternal life awaits over some elusive finish line after death. To be alive means to wake up, work, hope that we make money, maybe procreate and make babies (and hope we don’t screw up their lives), all for what? Only to die and accept that as our fate, right?

I’m saying any of this to convey that death should be anymore scary than it already can be for so many people, us human beings. I’m, instead, saying that perhaps we should be reconsidering the possibilities of our innate capacities and capabilities while we are alive.

What are some of the ways that people are truly living, extending their lifespan, standing in their power and purpose (and not in the new age-y, woo woo, tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear sort of way)?

Superfoods, Health Foods, Whole Foods




Ah, you’re probably thinking ‘I saw some of that on Black Mirror.’ Meanwhile, the folks over at DARPA are probably laughing at all of us because they have known about this for at least several decades.

For goodness sakes, I thought that was dreaming when, as a kid, I saw a quick snipped on some unknown television short about us being able to view someone else’s dream as if it were a television show.

Then, to later come to find out this is happening, that blind people have apparently been able to see since the 70s, if not sooner.

I can only imagine what the Egyptians would think about us copying off of them.

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Tools to Keep in Every House

A robotic vacuum cleaner

The original hardware and instructions to your equipment

A preparedness plan

A stocked kitchen

Other things that you never tell a soul about

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Possibilities that Defy Physics and Common Knowledge

I was terrified from the bottom of my soul when, as a kid, I grasped the gravity of surgery and the risks it imposed. Somehow, I thought there had to be a better way than to get cut open, cut out and stitched back up with hardly any hopes of seeing the light of day ever again.

Only later did I come to find out that there is such a thing. There is this little anomaly called the human mind and it’s more than this operating system that runs from our heads and bodies. It’s a node on a vast network that has a lot of variables, a lot of contributors.

Interdimensional travel is possible

Art and science aren’t that different

Diseases can be healed with food

Everything a corporation does, we can do ourselves.

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We can solve our problems, no matter how substantial the work is that they require and no matter how complex they may seem. If we can think it, we can dream it and become it. That’s the power of the mind. That’s the mind at work in its truest, highest form, when done right and for the highest good.

Ways Your Health Can Undermine Your Success

When you don’t feel well, you don’t do well. When you don’t do well, you most likely don’t sleep well either.

It’s a tricky cycle to get caught up in to want to have a successful work life and career, to do something that pays off one way or another, that supports the life we want to live, only to struggle because of health issues.

I see this dilemma in the community of those suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity. A revelation I had, which helped me not feel crazy or that my own sensitivities were absurd, was that everyone is sensitive. Some people simply ignore their sensitivities, they sit through the pain: the back pain at their desk job, the strain on their entire body in labor intensive positions, the emotional trauma from a hostile workplace, and so on.

What fixes this problem? I can’t say that there’s any hot button solution for anyone. Everyone is made up of the same stuff, but we are all unique and different in our own ways. One of the fundamental matters surrounding all of us is that us humans are fallible and have limitations as it stands. We need our sleep, we need healthy food and clean water, we need to stay active and be free. There’s so much we need, and probably plenty more we want, I am positive. I see it everywhere I go.

Without our health, though, what is there. There are people who can barely get up out of bed either due to an accident that was beyond their control or due to neglecting their body’s needs. The second situation is the one I’m calling out.

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Metaphysical Concepts a 5 Year Old Can Grasp

Somewhere, deep down inside, I think I knew everything I innately needed to know between the ages of 5 and 7 years old.

I recall looking up, thinking, laying in bed trying to fall asleep, sometimes unsuccessfully. I would try to reach around from within my mind to find and touch the edges of the universe. I knew there was a sky out there. Call the earth flat, call the earth round, I knew I was having an experience and that the constant, daily evidence from my environment demonstrated this was a shared experience. My mirror neurons were strong, although not yet fully developed, naturally, but developed enough.

What exactly does a 5-year-old brain comprehend, or have the ability to?

Small is infinite, so is big.

What makes something small is also what makes something big, it’s all the same stuff, interconnected stuff.

The universe is one and the universe is all.

There are multiverses, not simply one universe, with parallel dimensions, alternate realities, dark space and dark matter. They all exist as one. Where one seems independent, it forever exists interdependently too.

Magic is real.

There is no escaping the effects of magic, which is really just aligning with the unbreakable, inescapable laws of the natural world to the will.

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