Things to Know in a Life or Death Situation

Raise your hand if you have had a near death experience.

Hmm, I doubt there would be willing volunteers of that kind of information. Besides, it’s most likely going to vary from one to another what exactly defines or entails “near death.”

To one, it might be that they narrowly avoided becoming the victim of a hit and run. To another, it might mean nearly freezing to death and still having to sleep in it, wondering if that sleep would be the last.

The latter is something I had the unfortunate experience of and it’s not your seasonal, inconvenient wait at the bus stop on a day when the weather is below the freezing point. It’s a slow creep, it’s a slow crawl, it’s a place of just being where time doesn’t exist whatsoever. Nothing is linear as the midn wavers back and forth between the past, the possible future and the elusive present.

There is something to be learned from having a close call, and there is something to be learned from others who have had them whether you experienced a similar trauma or not. I had to read, I had to think, I had to change a lot about what I was doing. It’s this simple: do or die.

Maintain situational awareness

Use your surroundings

Know what’s worth changing and what you should change

Also, know what’s not worth it and what you just cannot change. Just because you cannot change something doesn’t mean that you should not adapt to or around it.

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You Need More than Food to Nourish Yourself

Several years ago, I got connected with a nutritionist  and several health consultants (herbalists, healers, those types) who helped me understand what my body truly needed. I was pretty much vegan for a time and I enjoyed it, but I was struggling with issues that didn’t make much sense. I was eating most raw, organic foods.

Part of the rather complex problem was that my sensitivity was heightened when I didn’t have as much control over my dietary choices, such as when I went to Costa Rica and the host mothers would cook for me. I also didn’t do much supplementation nor did I take nearly as many protective measures. I had a much more narrow view of health, not knowing fully about other supportive therapies that were integral into a whole foods, ideally plant-rich, diet.

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Websites that Will Change the Way You View Money and Life

A website isn’t just a way of selling services and products, or monetizing traffic, or getting the word about a cause and generating patron support. Most certainly, those endeavors still exist, probably always will, and they work, they have their purposes.

Websites can be entire systems within themselves. It’s pretty complex joojoo that goes into the inner/outer workings of the internet, what makes a website live and what makes it go off the deep end.

I think I always innately knew this. I could see myself in the next 10 years or so getting utterly bored with writing for others, writing for their websites, not that it isn’t still a necessity to have skilled, knowledgable copywriters. We will always need writers. We will always need to be writers, as good as we can be.

Apart from all that, we have the open source model, we have movements, we have people who care about freedom and privacy, we have people who want to the truth…no, scratch that, they demand the truth.

Websites, like all in our physical reality, are extensions of the mind. They reflect us, what’s going on within us and around us. 

I have compiled a list of links to things I have stumbled upon in my research and excursions around the web. I think their work is immensely important, but by no means is this an all-inclusive compilation. Check it out.

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Websites that Utilize Alternative Currencies

Platforms Focused on Freedom, Privacy & Justice

Predictive & Prophetic Websites

Websites Showcasing Advancements in Alternative Health Solutions



Parts of the Bible to Take Somewhat Literally

When I began this blog, I didn’t think too far ahead about what it would become. I just wanted to write, I wanted to grow and create, develop all the ideas that were in my head.

That first step catalyzed a process of ongoing, life learning, and I realized I needed to take a turn, to start exploring and diving deeper into what mattered to me and so many people I was running across. There was a common thread between their fears, their aspirations, what angered them, what excited them, what motivated them and what made them want to keep waking up everyday.

Once upon a time, it was the breath of Jesus, shall I say, and although I do not accept or associate with any title of any religion (at least not anymore), I must acknowledge that “Jesus freak” moment in my life. It was no phase, it was more like a stepping stone, a necessary part in the overall process that brought me here today.

That’s why I have so reverence and immense amount of respect for the stories in the bible, and take notice that I did not explicitly say the bible itself. Come to mention it, shoutout to the people at my alma mater who put up with my stringent bullshit that probably came across more judgmental, dogmatic, and shaming instead of loving and cooperating. I have an immense amount of respect for my peers all the same, especially the ones who have suffered as I have.

We all learned something and, to this very day, I can’t shake the lessons that my Jesus-breathing days instilled in me. Thus, I am here, reflecting upon the alchemical stories in bible, be they works of fiction or not. Let’s flip it open.

“Don’t build castles on the sand”


  • Invest wisely
  • Cover your ass
  • Assess risks
  • Don’t waste your energy

“The power of life and death is in the tonuge”


  • Eat well, live well
  • You are what you eat
  • Every thought you think is magic
  • Every thing you speak is a creation
  • Every thing you create has power

“Don’t cast pearls before swine”


  • Not everyone can appreciate what you do
  • Be mindful of how your work affects others
  • Be mindful of how your work can be affected by others

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Discussions We Need to Have Before We Die

There is so much that can be said in such a short lifetime, but then again maybe it’s so short because we get lost into the illusory abyssmal time warp of time-consuming labor, tasks that add up and spin our wheels without ever achieving the result for the greatest good.

Conversations with Our Sons and Daughters

Us: Do you know that I love you?

Them: I think so. / Yes. / No.

Us: If you were me, if we could trade places, what do you think love would be and act and look and sound and feel like? How would you want me to love you more and continue to love you?

Them: …

Us: Have I ever done anything to show you that I don’t love you?

Conversations with Ourselves

Higher self: Does this really matter?

Earthly self: Yes. / No.

Higher self: Why? Why should it or should it not?

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There is a better way to live, a better way to be, but we need to first have several important talks before we can fully understand what makes better so much better.”