I’m Sandra.

In the beginning of 2012, I sat in a rocking chair in a very cramped corner of my former childhood bedroom. Many times over the past several years I had sat there; and I sat there, at first, because it was the only place to sit.

Then gradually I started sitting there because I liked the idea of a having a chair in my room as a space to decompress and allow for my ideas to gel. Pretty soon, I was cradling the same laptop–from which I now presently write this anecdote about me–in order to begin channeling those very same ideas; and I began to write my first blog post ever, a rather mystical and naïveté account of one of the many dreams that “started it all.”

What began as a step away from a bleak, dim corner of the unknown soon developed into an open and honest account for personal development as well as an outlet for creativity; and the hallmarks of that development resulted in what I call Sitting down on Sundays, a weekly blog series of devotions and spiritual observations that now serves as a sacred space for my musings about careers, businesses, and life overall.

Since then, I have had the joy of facilitating workshops and exhibitions, co-creating with other entrepreneurs, writing and consulting on internet marketing and branding. Although I work as a freelance writer professionally, my “real” job is all about raising the voice of my brand, this passion for writing, to inspire professionals and entrepreneurs to tap into their unlimited creative potential by maintaining an online presence.

In my heart I feel that you have the desire to connect to a world around you, one that supports you, however you can. You desire to grow in some way or another, which is exactly what I want to help you with and do with you concurrently.

What initially began for me as a personal endeavor to share a culmination of learned insights, moments in my daily life, and devotional time has evolved so far in just a few short years to be a full-fledged career and lifestyle.

All that goes to show how one small factor can ensue an immense ripple effect on every facet of one’s life; and where there are ripples there are multiple forces behind them. I am in the onset of those small waves undulating outward. With every touch, the ripples deepen and spread out further.

Wishing you much love and inspiration,


Let’s cross over and be a part of each other’s ripple effect.

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24 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Sandra, I am Ritu from the blog ‘Beyond Beauty Tips’. I saw that we were connected through my blog. I announced my new domain a month ago but I haven’t seen you there yet. Please show some love to ‘Things To Rave About’ (http://toraveabout.com) which is just BBT at a new address.
    Hoping to see you there. Thanks!

  2. “I myself am also an entrepreneur as well as an artist and blog-loving-blogger; most of all, I am a coming-of-age thought leader and innovative facilitator of creative expression.”

    I think we’re clones Sandra!

      • So will you, Rakhi. Truthfully, I envision you writing a book. I’ve been planning out the eBooks I want to write, which is part of the reason I’m about to transfer this domain to a self-hosted website. I’m taking those steps to do big things and reach out further.

        I’ll still keep my WP.com blog because I really love this community ❤

      • I’ve always been a natural born writer, so maybe one day I’ll make that big leap. For right now I’m loving blogging and sharing thoughts and experiences like other great bloggers(like you). That sounds great that you’re switching to self-hosting. All the best to you, I’ll keep following your new leaps:)

  3. Thanks very much for stopping by my blog, Sandra! Your words here are very profound, and I look forward to hearing more from you.

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