Possibilities that Defy Physics and Common Knowledge

I was terrified from the bottom of my soul when, as a kid, I grasped the gravity of surgery and the risks it imposed. Somehow, I thought there had to be a better way than to get cut open, cut out and stitched back up with hardly any hopes of seeing the light of day ever again.

Only later did I come to find out that there is such a thing. There is this little anomaly called the human mind and it’s more than this operating system that runs from our heads and bodies. It’s a node on a vast network that has a lot of variables, a lot of contributors.

Interdimensional travel is possible

Art and science aren’t that different

Diseases can be healed with food

Everything a corporation does, we can do ourselves.

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We can solve our problems, no matter how substantial the work is that they require and no matter how complex they may seem. If we can think it, we can dream it and become it. That’s the power of the mind. That’s the mind at work in its truest, highest form, when done right and for the highest good.


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