Metaphysical Concepts a 5 Year Old Can Grasp

Somewhere, deep down inside, I think I knew everything I innately needed to know between the ages of 5 and 7 years old.

I recall looking up, thinking, laying in bed trying to fall asleep, sometimes unsuccessfully. I would try to reach around from within my mind to find and touch the edges of the universe. I knew there was a sky out there. Call the earth flat, call the earth round, I knew I was having an experience and that the constant, daily evidence from my environment demonstrated this was a shared experience. My mirror neurons were strong, although not yet fully developed, naturally, but developed enough.

What exactly does a 5-year-old brain comprehend, or have the ability to?

Small is infinite, so is big.

What makes something small is also what makes something big, it’s all the same stuff, interconnected stuff.

The universe is one and the universe is all.

There are multiverses, not simply one universe, with parallel dimensions, alternate realities, dark space and dark matter. They all exist as one. Where one seems independent, it forever exists interdependently too.

Magic is real.

There is no escaping the effects of magic, which is really just aligning with the unbreakable, inescapable laws of the natural world to the will.

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