Websites that Will Change the Way You View Money and Life

A website isn’t just a way of selling services and products, or monetizing traffic, or getting the word about a cause and generating patron support. Most certainly, those endeavors still exist, probably always will, and they work, they have their purposes.

Websites can be entire systems within themselves. It’s pretty complex joojoo that goes into the inner/outer workings of the internet, what makes a website live and what makes it go off the deep end.

I think I always innately knew this. I could see myself in the next 10 years or so getting utterly bored with writing for others, writing for their websites, not that it isn’t still a necessity to have skilled, knowledgable copywriters. We will always need writers. We will always need to be writers, as good as we can be.

Apart from all that, we have the open source model, we have movements, we have people who care about freedom and privacy, we have people who want to the truth…no, scratch that, they demand the truth.

Websites, like all in our physical reality, are extensions of the mind. They reflect us, what’s going on within us and around us. 

I have compiled a list of links to things I have stumbled upon in my research and excursions around the web. I think their work is immensely important, but by no means is this an all-inclusive compilation. Check it out.

The sponsor of this blog post, FDX, Inc., is a great resource for those who are looking for some inventive AI solutions and applications, whether it be for home automation or efficiency in commercial venues, their services will help.

Open Source & Free Software Related Websites

Websites that Utilize Alternative Currencies

Platforms Focused on Freedom, Privacy & Justice

Predictive & Prophetic Websites

Websites Showcasing Advancements in Alternative Health Solutions




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