Discussions We Need to Have Before We Die

There is so much that can be said in such a short lifetime, but then again maybe it’s so short because we get lost into the illusory abyssmal time warp of time-consuming labor, tasks that add up and spin our wheels without ever achieving the result for the greatest good.

Conversations with Our Sons and Daughters

Us: Do you know that I love you?

Them: I think so. / Yes. / No.

Us: If you were me, if we could trade places, what do you think love would be and act and look and sound and feel like? How would you want me to love you more and continue to love you?

Them: …

Us: Have I ever done anything to show you that I don’t love you?

Conversations with Ourselves

Higher self: Does this really matter?

Earthly self: Yes. / No.

Higher self: Why? Why should it or should it not?

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There is a better way to live, a better way to be, but we need to first have several important talks before we can fully understand what makes better so much better.”


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