5 Things I Want to Automate in My Life this Year

One of the peeviest things about the internet is when it won’t answer a goddamn simple question.

Such was the case when I researched a way to automatically update inventory in an eCommerce application. Basically, from the time the product image was taken (let’s say it was a nice, aromatic salt body scrub), from that moment I wanted basically nothing else to do with it other than putting the sample back on the shelf and waiting for the orders to come in.

‘Oh, but how could such a thing be accomplished, Sandra?’ you might ask me, if you had the chance.

‘How much time (and attention span) do you have?’ I might respond.

I’ll save a tutorial like that for a later post.

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I just bring up this challenge to illustrate how much automation means to me, how much I would love to devote my time and energy and money to other things that don’t require all my digital duct tape and thumbtacks. I like to have a clean experience of virtual spaces just like how I adore a that type of feng shui in my home.

My life is very much intertwined with my work, with this writing that I do, which is why automation doesn’t stop when I shut down the laptop and step away to go handle my other affairs. I would love to be able to have a seamless experience between everything, and gracefully handle hiccups because I would have already forseen them and had procedures in place for diffusing them.

My 2018 Life Hack & Automation Wishlist

  1. Cleaning: Let’s face it. Those of us who enjoy cleaning, it is work and it takes time in even the most efficient, low maintenance environments. I don’t think I would settle for only a robotic vacuum or a floor steamer. If I could choose any room to be smart and the slightest bit self-sustaining, it would be the kitchen, hands down.
  2. Content creation: The world wide web has a way of taking the words right out of my mouth. I also have a way of going back and re-reading what I wrote and wanting to boost it up a few more notches. Quality assurance, proofreading, re-sharing articles to all my social media accounts and reaching my followers (while I sleep, since all the work-at-homers love to add that one in there) — this and more entails some of the automated content creation/curation I want to implement.
  3. Outdoor maintenance: One of the skills I have been building is getting down and dirty in God’s green earth, learning about the science and symbiotic relationship I have with it. …
  4. Virtual Assistant: From what I have seen, AI has dipped its foot over into the SMB pool, joining the likes of myself. I would definitely consider it an algorithm consisting of scripts, software rules, and programed triggered actions an artificially intelligent entity. It might not be the most complex, but it falls under the developer umbrella and it has the ability to do automatically what an overpaid PA or VA could do. Sorry to all the VAs out there, but your jobs have already been replaced for quite some time. …
  5. My Learning & Overall Development: …

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