Journaling Prompt: “Because It’s Your Story”

Journaling Prompt: Because It's Your Story

David made a good point about how our careers are our stories.

Yeah, it’s all yours.

Not the person’s down the street who thinks you need to get a “normal”, “regular” day job and be “realistic.”

Not the more “established” professional or entrepreneur who has some vested interest in you purely for their egotistical fulfillment or financial gain.

Not the well-meaning but sometimes codependent people in your personal circles who want your life to look like theirs.

Nah, cut that out.

Everyone’s scribbling away in class.

Or at least most of them are.

Joey over there is picking his nose and eating, occasionally smearing it on the surface of his 8×11 canvas.

Sara over there is standing in a corner, twirling and singing and holding her crayons in the sky like airplanes.

Bennie over there is diligently writing and making doodles not for a grade but because he genuinely wants to.

And you there.

What are you doing?

You’re doing what you prefer to do, cresting your own reality in this very moment exactly how you see fit.

Your place is here, not over there stopping Joey from repulsing you with his mucous.

And if it were you, you would want to bask in your booger-y glory without hindrance.

So will you let well enough alone long enough to finish?

Finish your story.


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