The Dark Side of Technology

The internet has a dark side, and I’m not talking about that XXX rated stuff that makes up 25% of Google searches, if you know what I mean.

I thought I knew enough, but apparently I needed to know more. Thanks to the documentary series, Dark Net, and thanks to Hulu, I’m now mildly more traumatize by the crazy things lurking in dark, shadowy corners of the human capacity.

Its premise is focused on exposing those things that go on, the things people don’t want to talk about, the things that we might not have known about before, the things we considered but never thought possible.

All those search results that filter out things that we probably wouldn’t want our kids to see? Yeah, you can bet that human eyes had to lay eyes on some of the most gruesome and graphic imagery so that the majority of the population wouldn’t have to.

There are just some jobs that a machine will never really be able to do, at least not for a while.

People are even hacking their bodies. One day, it will no longer be a thing of science fiction to take a picture with the eyes because this one man has already installed a camera into his.

These developments may be inherently cool down to the core, but they’ll also pose new challenges to maintaining privacy and security.

{Learn More: Pragmatic Bioethics by Glenn McGee}

On that note, social media has been changing the internet landscape monumentally and most of us put our lives and all our dirty laundry on display, whether intentionally or unintentionally. What we probably don’t think about is how our information is being used against us from time to time.

I’m not just talking about our information being sold to pestering spammers. I’m talking about being deemed an accomplice to crime for simply liking or sharing a post from a gang.

And, yes, gangs are online too in the same space that time-wasting viral videos and craft beer drinking hipster startups.

Dark Net takes an unapologetic look at the advent of the internet and its sister technologies in such a way that puts fear in mother’s heart like nothing else…unless, of course, that mother has also seen Cyber Crimes and Hacking the System.

You guessed it: I watched those too.

What have you seen or uncovered about the dim corners of modern technology? What’s plaguing you and how do

you feel that it impacts your well-being, for better or worse?


3 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Technology

  1. My mother, sister and I were just having a conversation about hacking last night . . . we concluded people just really need to make themselves aware that hacking is basically a sport now. Someone is always looking for the next best security hack–from your bank card information to congressional cell phones, ruthless. ♥ Great post Sandra! ♥

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