Growing a New Business with Little Money, Help and Technical Skills

growth hacking 101

Everywhere you turn, there’s a service that will streamline the way you do your marketing, the way your website runs, the way you keep in touch with potential clients and all that jazz.

In a way, this is great. It shows innovation and reminds many overloaded businesses and startups that there are tools out there, and they don’t have to go it alone. The unfortunate truth, however, is that sometimes these services shut down. Sometimes something with their product breaks, like how it did when Instagram screwed up and let hackers take control of my account, causing me to lose everything.

Entering into the picture is growth hacking, which essentially describes the kind of innovation many startups will employ in order to make it easier to scale their businesses. Quite often, they’ll put a lot of work into making something up front in order to exert much less effort in the long run, and this is often a result of a major dilemma that had no clear cut solution.

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A growth hacker often has moderate to advanced understanding of technology. I even fall somewhere on the scale here, as I have been slowly but steadily employing a series of strategies to make my processes more efficient. These have ranged from campaigns that would bring residual followers and engagement with my content to processes that fulfilled work for me and my clients automatically.

It’s not a perfect science what I have accomplished thus far, but I’m really satisfied with how it has progressed and is still progressing. Even years in the future, I’ll look back on this post and I’m sure I’ll still have plenty more ideas.

As for now, I still have something in common with a person like you: and I assume you’re reading this because you see a surmounting problem in your own enterprise that needs a quick, painless solution.

The truth is that it’s a coin toss. Sometimes these things come about quickly. Sometimes they take months, years even, but they do happen given time.

What can you do to grow a new or existing brand when you’re strapped for time or money, maybe both?

Others might advise against this, but I’d recommend starting with a budget.

It comes down to what you can afford, and I can guarantee you’ll need to invest some money at some point. Everyone does. Don’t fret over that part.

You’ll need to be flexible. You might end up spending less than what you envisioned or you might have to stretch your budget if it’s not pragmatic. An example of this falls right into my lap as someone who has spent most of her career writing copy for others. Time and time again I have seen so many buyers in the market fanning prices that just weren’t fair to writers. Paying anything less than $1 per word rides the edge of exploitation. Of course, if you yourself are also looking to outsource copywriting and you don’t already know this industry standard, then you would find you’d need to adjust your expectations for a project before you begin working with the right person or team.

Segment large projects into smaller tasks to make them more manageable.

The Microworkers HG campaign feature lets employers curate various teams based upon people who have successfully completed a task to make it easy for future delegation. Of course, it would be advisable to understand what to outsource before nosediving into a project.

For example, I did a beta campaign to collect sign ups to a site that would reward me for my referrals and give me credit I could use to seamlessly grow my social media following. There are a few tweaks I still could make, and I could benefit from creating an additional Microworkers HG campaign or two in this same fashion, but I wouldn’t have gotten that clarity without actually test driving it and understanding what I really needed help with in the first place.

Novices often run out and think they need to pay hundreds if not thousands to a social media manager of some sort when what they really need is a growth hacking mindset, much like the one demonstrated through my personal case study.

Microworkers is a site I have used alongside a few others to do simple work on a small scale all the while making new contacts and gaining leads. It’s the one site that I’m relatively content with and have been so since the late spring of 2013, which is a special type of internet longevity in contrast to other sites I have seen come and go.

I’d also confidently say that Microworkers is the top crowdsourcing site, bearing a large social media following for its brand, which speaks volumes. There’s never a shortage of work for the workers and the same goes for those hiring them that they have a large fleet of quality at their disposal.

Get things done automatically when and wherever possible.

The Microworkers HG campaign feature is just one of the several cool capabilities of this site. They recently released a template test and verification system using what they call Vcode integration.

Because Vcode integration allows for such tasks to be automatically rated and marked as complete. That basically means that the employers have one less thing to worry about. Believe me — having worked on teams myself — it’s sometimes more time consuming to manage people and projects than it is to actually achieve something meaningful. No one wants that time waster when money is on the table.

Vcode integration is gold to the busy, overworked entrepreneur who needs to focus on specific aspects of growing a business over others. Depending upon the process is designed for workers to complete a task, this will work well.

In addition to the benefits of using Vcode integration, the Microworkers API is great for automatically creating campaigns, adding workers to Microworkers HG campaigns and groups and more.

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Whatever challenges that you’re dealing with as you attempt to scale your business, you’ll need to delegate help for some portion of it, so it’s good to understand your process and understand how you can reasonably outsource what needs to be done.


Continue growing

P.S. What are your experiences in dealing with growth and where are you currently in the development of your vision? Do you think you’ll be able to use any of the tools provided here? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet.



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