10 Ideas to Help You Make an Extra $100/Month in the New Year

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You did it! You made it to the new year.

Undoubtedly, you’re thinking of ways you can do things better this year than you did last year, and you don’t need to be all resolution minded to have goals like this.

I think in the world of freelancers, new business owners, stay-at-home moms and the like — you all wouldn’t mind the prospect of making more money, maybe just opening more income streams if you’re able to work it in with whatever you’re currently doing.

Well, if the shoe fits, here are 10 easy-to-implement ideas that can help you put more cash into your pocket (especially if you’re still patching up the holes in your pocket after recent holiday sales):

1. Revamp your offerings, offer a sale, or bundle services in a new way

After sparse and disappointing holiday sales in the end of 2015, I discovered some ways I could do things better to position my services. Maybe the same goes for you.

It’s not that you need to work harder but rather smarter in order to gain more from your efforts.

That could simply mean revising your website design or message, changing your payment options, utilizing a subscription model, or packaging information products into one cheaper bundle.

2. Work on a new eBook and release a beta version at a discount

Speaking of information products, I wrote my first set of eBooks (aka Fiverr Value Guides) in 2015 and sold a few copies within days. Guess what else? I did so when I bundled them with my content writing services.

There’s still a lot I want to do with them, but more on that later. In short, eBooks don’t have to be a one-and-done. You can change them later or release a new and updated version. Just make sure your copyright your intellectual property.

3. Try mystery shopping, survey and rewards apps

At some point, even the most homebody stay-at-home whomever has to leave the house. It can become a full-time gig or a here and there thing. There’s money in it either way.

The cool thing about mystery shopping is that you can take advantage of the convenience of apps that will pay or reward you to check into stores and do an assortment of random things without a boss to report to.

Here are a few that I approve of:

Mystery Shopping


  • Mobee (Use the promo code P7S7 to earn 300 bonus points
  • ReceiptHog (Use the promo code fresh728)


(Get $5 free when you sign up under my referral link http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref19083594)

(Get your first $1 on me when you sign up under my referral link http://bit.ly/1kPh9LW)

4. Sign up for some new freelancing websites

If you’re still fresh on the scene, or even if you just want some other baskets to put your eggs in as a freelancer, there are plenty of reputable sites to choose from.

Find which ones work for you and go from there.

Here are some of the freelancing sites I approve of:

5. Start driving for Uber

You don’t even need to have a car to start driving for Uber thanks to their Xchange financing program. I would suggest that you be very careful about leasing a car, review your options incredibly carefully, compare dealers and make sure you have enough financial cushion to support the leap. Otherwise, you’d probably be better off finding a cheap used car 2006 or older that qualifies according to Uber’s standards.

Start driving for Uber and get $50 when you sign up as a new driver under my referral link:


(Note that this promotion is subject to change its signup bonus amount at any given time)

6. Rent out your car or your home

Turo (formerly known as RelayRides) is a platform similar to Zipcar and Enterprise with the exception that you rent cars from people rather than a company directly.

Getaround is new on the scene as well and needs both drivers and car owners, but they’re growing steadily in urban areas.

Get $25 when you list on Turo using my referral link:


Get $25 to sign up as either a renter or car owner with Getaround using my referral link:


The same principle applies if you have a spare room, guest house, camper or even your entire home to spare. You don’t need to be offering a fancy, swanky hotel pad either in order to make use of Airbnb. You might enjoy it more if you’re out of town a lot and want a safer, more secure way of subletting.

Get $20 in free traveling credit or $80 as a host when you sign up for Airbnb using my referral link:


By the way, If you’re in the market to sell a home privately, or even buy one, and you want to save on real estate commissions consider Homenova.

{Learn More: Sell Your Home (It’s Free to List) and also Get Free Professional Quality Listing Photos}

7. Give stuff to get stuff on Yerdle

I have to admit that I don’t really enjoy the process of giving on Yerdle as much as I enjoy getting. Why? Well, because they don’t offer givers a way to schedule UPS pickups for their items and I thought that would be the case. It would make it so much easier for house-bound moms and people in less accessible areas where a UPS isn’t close by.

However, if you have access to a UPS dropbox or location, Yerdle could offer you a really convenient way to get rid of your old things with an incentive. You can access the site from your browser as well as the app for iOS and android.

The only catch is that it’s not real money you earn. It’s more like “free money” to use and spend on other items being given by your fellow Yerdlers. Another mention is that you do have to pay a minimal transaction fee and shipping for the items you get.

If you are still interested in trying out the Yerdle platform, get $35 and free shipping on your first order when you sign up using my referral link: http://yerdle.com/i/sandra-harriette

(Note that this promotion is subject to change and offer more or less Yerdle dollars at any given time)

8. Sift through your house to find stuff to sell online

If Yerdle turns you off, you might like a site like Listia better. There’s also thredUP, one of the most popular sites to pawn off your gently used clothes…designer and name brand clothes that is.

9. Put your hobby to use on Etsy, Bonanza or Zazzle

Pretty self-explanatory, I’d say. If there’s anyone that you start with, I’d suggest Bonanza, as you don’t have to pay up front listing fees like how you would on Etsy.

If you make designs, use Zazzle to overlay the images onto an assortment of apparel like mugs, smartphone case, shirts, bags and more. You’ll make a percentage of the sales and can promote them as original products or even as an affiliate if you don’t have the knack to make them yourself.

10. Share your referral and affiliate links

As a little and necessary disclaimer, this post (among others on my site) contains several referral links that will compensate or reward me when you click them and sign up.

Many sites and platforms offer affiliate and referral programs, not just the ones I’m sharing with you. You can use your own site, social media, your mailing list, classified ads, online forums, and even the old fashioned word of mouth to promote your links and make some more passive income.

Hey, why not write reviews about the sites while you’re at it. If you want a more direct way to monetize your blog, try PostJoint and IZEA.

Do you have some tried and true methods for making quick cash? Share below!


Stay inspired and motivated


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