Digging a Ditch

Something about Dave Matthews and maybe I should listen to the song for a little imagery in my head….

Spending all that time digging around in the earth and getting grounded in ways I wasn’t expecting to….

My mind returns to the provocative images of my hands sifting through yards of grass mounds and sandy dirt.

I wondered if I would ever survive that brief period of my life.

My head returns to those moments on the Eastern Shore while I was briefly living and working on a farm.

It seriously was almost the end of me.

Despite all the valuable things I learned about permaculture, despite the fact that I was essentially earthing every day, I was digging ditches.

Had I stayed there, I would have done my grave right alongside my broken spirit and murdered dreams.

I’m being poetic and vague maybe because I’m being too nice.

I was living with someone who was all around a toxic person to live with.

Even now, I look back and I miss the sacred spaces I had built up for myself.

I’m talking about my space to sit and meditate all yogi style, my plants, my peaceful music.

I’m talking about scrumptious candles like persian orange, coconut lime, things that would make you just wanna eat the air.

I’m talking about everything feng shui and detoxifying and stabilizing…and transient in a sense.

I dug a ditch and I got myself out of it.

And now I’m rebuilding that sacred space for myself.

Here’s my hand.

Would you consider taking it, down there?


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