What People Will and Won’t Pay You For

defining good customer service

I can blame myself for a few wrong turns in my life, but I can’t in good conscious take responsibility for the other shit that spiraled out of control when it concerned being screwed over by a company, sometimes more than once.

Just this morning, I stumbled into a conversation about Greyhound’s bus service and how terribly unfair, unaccommodating and greedy they are. Nothing will quite top my experience of being charged extra for each of my 5 small carry on sized bags as if they were full suitcases, man. I’ll never forget that and neither will Greyhound because I’m singing from the rooftops just how terrible they are as a transportation service in the hopes that no one will fall prey to the risks they pose on their innocent, unsuspecting passengers…I could go on about it forever, oh, it just grinds my gears.

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And I’m sure we all have stories like those and more. I think at least 90% of the English speaking population attribute that bitter customer service aftertaste to cell phone companies. Like, god, why can’t it be simple to just have phone service at a reasonable price with reliable reception?! Having a smartphone has really become rocket science and I sure hope to god that it won’t always be that way. I know I’m not the only one.

Okay, so enough of my ranting, but I’m sure you get the point of how much this riles me up.

I guess I need to spew a little emotional vomit so that you, too, can remember how much havoc it wrought on your life when you received subpar treatment from the very people you’re paying.

No, I haven’t always been perfect as a self-employed freelancer who provides business-to-business content marketing services, and I have dropped the ball a few times. Guess what, though, I try my damn hardest to make up for it. In a world with trains of thought like “the customer is always right” and “you can’t please everybody” floating about, I seek a balance and have factored damage control mechanisms into my work so that if I ever screw up for reasons beyond or within my control, I don’t inconvenience my client too much in the process.

Why? Because I know what that’s like. Whether you’re going to be working for yourself, someone else or building a company all your own, basic human courtesy aka customer service is an essential just as much as other elements. I know that others and even I myself talk so much about the money and the abundance and the joy of doing your own thing, but that’s just fodder for dreamers at the end of the day.

I speak that woo woo language, but I’m also very pragmatic. I’ve had to learn more and more how to be that way because, without that ability, I wouldn’t survive and bounce back from the mistakes I make and the things that just generally go wrong.

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So that I can simplify it for the right-brained dreamers, though, just remember the golden rule when you’re pie-eyed imagining all the creative things you can and want to do to make a living on your own terms. Imagine your happiness and then imagine your work helping to bring a little more happiness into the lives of others.

Once you figure out how to master that, let me know because it’s a science I’m continually studying.


May you find the balance between your road to happiness and the happiness of others til then.

P.S. Would you happen to have any experiences, any horror stories or even redemption stories about how a business delivered, and were you on the delivering or receiving end? What did you learn? Do you still feel the burn of that today? I know I do with some things. Tell me about it below.


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