There’s a New Art Form Taking Shape

the creative process as a cycle

I have run across all kinds. There were times when I could see that I could get passionate about a number of topics, I was losing count. A lot moved me. It still does.

The lady working retail who wants to open her own product line of plant based soaps, the recent graduate wondering how to make some extra cash, the musician taking on a coffee house gig to share his craft – I noticed a common thread between them all. I just loved seeing people create intentionally and create beauty, not to mention creating consciously.

Spotify takes a little bit of credit for this epiphany, since I realized a large percentage of musicians I don’t get enough airtime. I’m a connector. I share things. Why shouldn’t I share the things I find, all the melodies and musings and ideas and tips I can conjure up in one lifetime?

And speaking of purposeful art, I am always enamored by the types of creators who use their craft in a transformational, cathartic way. We need more of the Mattie Stepaneks and Jacqui Saburidos of this world, examples of what passion does through pain. Anne Kelleher is another name for that list, especially in my book for her commitment to handling her challenges holistically.

Anne Kelleher, Author of Free to Good Home

Facing a bleak battle with cancer, Annie opted out of conventional chemotherapy and instead pursued an alternative healing regimen in Hawaii.

The best part? She didn’t let it hinder her from completing her novels.

You don’t have to be a writer to have a story even remotely similar. Everyone has one. Everyone goes through something…mmm, let’s hope that everyone has a dream on top of all that.

The more I encounter people like Anne, the more I get clarity about my own purpose. Relationships are symbiotic like that. We learn from one another, inspire one another, give and take from one another.

Part of what I want to give includes a space for the creative people and brands I admire an outlet through my own channels I am continuously building everyday. Another part includes letting their art meld into my own art. Through my blog, I’m a creator and I have blossomed into more of one with every post and with every interaction.

Ultimately, part of my creative process includes tapping into the creative processes of others in order to unite our visions as one whole.

Sometimes I just spurt out random ideas and other times it takes me a long time to let a concept marinate in my head before I feel brave or ready enough to share it. Eventually, there comes a point when I have to share it, no matter how refined it may or may not be.

There are still so many ways I’d like to promote the beauty and amazing resources I encounter in this world:

  • Curate content in a database.
  • Feature artists of various mediums on my channels.
  • Include some more ad space (see “how to make some extra cash” above).

In the end, I want to continue providing quality content to you as a beloved reader that helps you grow and keeps you coming back for more because that’s what this is all about, after all. So let’s keep having this dialogue, let’s keep gleaning inspiration, let’s keep healing and becoming better and doing better because there’s still so much out there left to discover.


Here’s to your continued happiness and discovery.

P.S. Can you help me out by giving me a little more insight into what you would be looking for on a blog such as mine, one pertaining to creative careers and businesses? What are your own unique interests? Do you have any blog promotion ideas, even?


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