You Know This Feeling, Working More than 3 Jobs at Once

I don’t think I ever before realized until recently that I’m an incredibly private person. Part of that followed my discovery about my ascendant sign in astrology being Virgo.

The more and more I learned about this zodiac sign, after I stopped saying ‘yuck’ in my reactive Sagittarius way, I actually began to realize just how much it has manifested and complimented me…and turned me into a complete mummy from society. I can also credit my dear old moon sign picking Cancer.


Thanks, Virgo. That almost sounds sarcastic, but I mean it. Sometimes I just feel like telling the world everything, whether the good or bad or just meh; and then there are times when I press the delete key 140 times and figure that I’m better off keeping that thing to myself. Makes me wonder what I missed every once in a while. Just what would have happened had I made my life a little less opaque to the outer world.

It’s hard putting things out there, let alone things about our work history and what led us here and there down some [maybe un]professional roads.

A good number of past jobs will be aka that dirty laundry on occasions. Everyone has a few things needing a good wash and yet everyone also has a handy “washing machine” so to speak. Some people really know how to keep their garments flawless, impeccable, and enviously so at times. Some people are pulling dirty clothes out the clean clothes pile left all unfolded in a hamper.

A part of me feels so vulnerable putting something out there about my work baggage from the past. On the other hand, I know it’s good to occasionally recall and review experiences for learning’s sake…even after those that were toxic, traumatizing.

Why, exactly? I can’t tell you, but for some reason I haven’t always shared just how often I held outside, time-consuming day jobs throughout the course of me blogging over the past years. I’d quit one, freelance some more, vowing to never again reenter, find another, and thus went the cycle. If I could find some median explanation that just about summed up my rationale then it would probably be that half of the shit I did was so incredibly irrelevant to anything that mattered to me, truly.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything working out there. It just meant I found it hard to give a damn back then. Totally the first sign of my recurring burnout.

Then, what about the times when and places where I really cared? Why didn’t I or perhaps others give myself the chance to stay where I was? I could find a few dozen answers to such questions although nothing quite sums it up like my Sagittarius sun sign and Virgo ascendant.

It’s hard not to talk so much about it astrologically because my journey of discovery about that field has trickled over into how my career has unfolded; and, on top of that, my understanding about how I do my best work. Nonetheless, it’s not fully relevant, at least not now, but I wouldn’t hold it against you if you popped up another tab in that browser of yours to look up what the hell it all means.

Go ahead and do that now if you want. This post I’m writing isn’t going anywhere…

So, if you’re back now and your eyes didn’t skim down a few paragraphs to miss the impending juicy stuff, I want to bring it back around to the heart of the matter: the predicament of being an entrepreneur and  employee.

(An employepreneur…an entreplelee? Just wondering.)

What’s is the Main Challenge of Working Multiple Jobs?

  • –This includes your “side job” of doing what you know deep down is your “real job.”
  • Oftentimes, you’ll have the knee jerk reaction to accept your day job title as the main one.
  • Some genius made the calendar system in such a way that weekends no longer exist for you.
  • If you desire to link your passions on the side to and your day job work, you may find yourself stifled.
  • A vague, disassociative identity disorderly like thing happens when you wear those different hats.

I mean, I’m sure you could add a whole bunch of things to that list up there.

So, now the nitty gritty is a question of balance and how on earth anyone can achieve it. Well, to tell you the truth, it’s forever an art perfecting a state of balance, especially while becoming a mother. I am no expert in telling you how, but I do have some thinking points for you.

How You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

  • Shift your perspective about your day job, viewing it more like a client or maybe an angel investor.
  • Talk about what you really want to do when people ask about your line of work.
  • Work on releasing shame that you take a paycheck while building your business.
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs who are working day jobs and transitioning towards self-employment.
  • Recognize that your job is not your life and it’s not forever.
  • Have a backup plan for your backup plan always!

If you can name anything else that has helped you in your cubical to creative journey, please share. Of course, if there is anything you would like to know about what I’m doing these days, just ask. This should be interesting.


Here’s to all the jobs to come and go…and to the ones that stay.


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