Journaling Prompt: “What to Do with the Morning”

Stand up.


Pass out…

I couldn’t help myself.

That was seriously the first line that I conjured up when I thought of it.

My dear old, long lost friend of my morning routine.

I used to have it down to a science, man.

It’s still clear as day what I would do:


Inhale deeply for a few moments.

Go get a big glass of warm water.

Sometimes it had lemon.

Sometimes it had apple cider vinegar in it.

Sometimes it had cayenne pepper.

Sometimes I chased it with colon care powder.

They were all beneficial.

Then I’d stretch and exercise.

(What, no breakfast?)

‘Yes, no breakfast,’ especially if I was fasting.

I did my reading, mg devotions, my journaling about this time.

Sometimes I worked on art and assignments.

That was mostly in college.

Something about the pressures of post-grad, just-trying-to-get-my-ass-through-the -day-ness derailed me from my routine.

It definitely showed.

I can’t imagine the lives of people who, in all seriousness, absolutely have to begin their day with a blunt or a drink or something else substance or non-substance related that doesn’t awaken their body and soul.

I felt crabby over the simplest thing.

I miss that cool, healthy, collected, calm of the morning.

I used to know what to do with the morning like nothing else.

I was damn good at my morning.

Damn good.

I’m getting better at it.

Things are stickier and more clumsy.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe.

Or I get lost in thought wondering what a detox retreat in Phuket, Thailand would be like.

Or I crave some of the healthier things I don’t buy myself nearly as much anymore.

Or I tap into a bit of self-loathing for feeling like I fell off.

Then sometimes I sleep it off, revisit my wish list and realize that tomorrow’s a new day to try harder, start fresh I guess.

In case you’re wondering, it’s about 8:20 am EST as I’m finishing this post right here…

…And now it’s nighttime on a totally different day at CST.

How will you spend your morning getting ready for a night to do it all over again?

Sleep on it. Think on it.

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