Creating a Job Résumé vs. Creating Your Own Career

“A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.”

~ Albert Einstein

If you’re someone who branches out, takes risks of any kind, and prefers to toot to your own horn, you can almost expect to encounter some rain in that parade.

I can thank LinkedIn for contributing some of my insecurities and frustrations early on, not to mention that it wasn’t very fruitful in terms of drumming up business. It seems like it has been, next to a sufficient portfolio, just another means of being reminded how many of my former peers and new connections were exceling.

Left and right, it was this person and that person getting a new job or a promotion. I was almost getting discouraged when I noticed a trend, which was that it was often the recent graduates, the Y generation for the most part. Not to say that those 35 to 40 years and older were jobless, but I definitely saw that they tended to stay in their current and previous occupations much longer.

I also presume that new graduates and professionals under 30 are more inclined to start at an entry level pay scale in most companies. That can still make a comfortable living, but it doesn’t detract me from the budget driven motives of their employers.

Having older workers who are inclined to stay on longer comes at a cost.

The black sheep syndrome, I just couldn’t shake it, no matter how old I got. Somewhere down the line, though, I have had to come to a place of unconditional acceptance of who and where I am. Failing to do so would lead me nowhere except maybe back to a discouraging LinkedIn news feed with a never ending stream of professional boasts that I’ll never–and don’t want to–live up to.

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I held plenty of jobs in the past. Some were toxic. Some were just paychecks with a few lessons sprinkled on top. Others were very defining and beneficial to honing me into the working person I am today.

Yeah, I’m way different. Everything I have put out online attests to that fact. I mean, this is the same little girl who blurted out in sixth grade that the end of the day school bell was the ice cream truck, and no one from that class would ever let me live it down as long as I’m alive.

I have been fortunate and enriched fortitude enough to be able to stick with for this long the internet career I hand built. While it’s a different and perhaps more straightforward (and “practical”) path to find a solid, rewarding job, that just never happened for me. Even my natal chart and personal numerology calculations seem to have thought so: I’m a person destined to pave my own way.

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Perhaps it’s those things that lead us down confusing, meandering, narrow, detouring routes that show us what we’re really supposed to be doing. I mean, there’s a lot wrong with the way abundance and basic resources are distributed. I’m talking more than money. I’m talking food and true health care and real education.

I’d love to continue to doing what I’m doing because I’m seeing more and more everyday where it’s taking me, and it’s not to some lavish pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It feels more like I’m picking up little sparkling nuggets here and there throughout the journey to sustain me. It feels like I’ll always have what I need because I’m doing a work that is, while rewarding financially at times, also rewarding others tenfold.


Here’s to all the little treasures you’ll find in your lifetime.

P.S. And be sure to share in the comments what you have already discovered off the beaten path.


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