How I’m Doing Less Freelance Work and Striving to Make More Passive Income

“Those who are blessed with the most talent don’t necessarily outperform everyone else. It’s the people with follow-through who excel.”

~ Mary Kay Ash

Blogging is work and don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not.

And I don’t mean the kind of work that is all passion driven and totally selfless. I mean, like, it’s work dammit. It’s something that some lucky someone out there in the world is getting paid for every day, whether it’s for a spruced up self-hosted blog or for a major media outlet that pays its contributors.

On the other hand, there are people who are ghostwriting the blogs on behalf of clients. You know, this works for a little while, but not in the case for someone like me who has all of this value and several important projects to maintain.

Do the math: when there’s only so much time in the day to write for clients, how much time and energy can one reasonably dedicate to a personal blog? Getting paid to create something is nice, but it stops there. No one else knows and will likely ever know about its origins.

It’s hard to present that kind of work in a portfolio because of confidentiality agreements or maybe out of utter boredom with whatever the subject matter was. This is the plight of the starving writer.

I liked the clandestine nature of doing paid writing for others and it was a refreshing break that taught me a lot, and I intend to still do it within reason, but I can’t sustain it like how I used to. It’s not because I want attention and I want my name all over things. Ha, trust me, I could make a hefty list of some of the most uncharacteristic and outlandish things I have written about.

Needless to say, I don’t care about total authorship. I wouldn’t have started doing what I do if I was leonine that way.

My logic is more along the lines of getting paid to do what I’d prefer to do in the first place, and that’s being myself.

I lost over a dozen blog sponsorship opportunities because there were too many leaks left unattended from all the time I spent working to build other people’s brands. We’re mutually grateful to one another for the most part, those businesses and I, but the buck hasn’t gone much further than the “one and done” nature of that work; and this has left me feeling rather empty and lacking, like I was chasing some type of carrot on a stick when I have the seeds for an entire garden in my pocket.

My Steps for Making More Passive Income

Categorize Income Streams

I had to really simplify and get organized in order to get some kind of profit clarity. It hasn’t been easy and I wish I could have earned at least a buck for every time I changed my mind. At least it would have been worth it for something.

Now, I’m looking at freelance writing (yes, I’ll still have some clients), microwork and revenue share: these are my offerings, as they’ll entail perhaps the most active effort on my part to sustain. Furthermore, I’d need to be very mindful of my time when doing any freelance writing or microwork, considering my time like money or any other resource should be carefully budgeted. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s one I have had in place the longest over any other fleeting strategy.

Get Back to Blogging

Then there’s my blogging. I roughly lump any social media interaction into that category, but I won’t delve into that so much right now because I’m talking about things that deliberately pay. Nonetheless, I should add that social media can be a direct payday thanks to IZEA. There’s also Microworkers, a site that pays people for smaller social media engagements as well as other minor tasks.

Do More [Self] Promotion

As I mentioned, profits from revenue share are factored into those from my other offerings. In a sense, it still takes some leg work to make anything from it, but it’s something that can gain momentum when I feed it like a coal powered engine. My problem is that with all my chump change chasing, I wasn’t able to re-up like I needed to.

It would take following the above listed steps and doing those consistently, treating it all like a job, and making sure that I thoroughly review the features of any affiliate or referral links I’m sharing (and I, while I’m ahead, I should mention that my IZEA and Microworkers links fit that criteria so I’d be lovingly appreciative if you used them to click and sign up to those sites).

I reiterate that my modus operandi to procure more passive income via personal blogging isn’t driven by vanity. It’s driven by the desire to be efficient, to be true to myself and my heart’s desires.


May you, too, always be true in your truest pursuit

P.S. If you have been doing any on or offline freelance work, please share your strategies and what has sustained you. I created a Facebook group for people just like yourself and I invite you to come join and enhance the entrepreneurial discussion.


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