Journaling Prompt: “The Blame Game”

I’d be lying to your face if I told you that I have never pointed the finger at someone.

No matter how wrong someone else was (or wasn’t), it didn’t make me no nevermind; and I found myself religiously blaming a slew of innocent bystanders and toxic ass people for my misfortunes.

To speak in more latent, recent terms, because of those people (or so I had felt at the time), many of my projects and opportunities had to be put on hold or stop completely.

Pain still comes up when I think of those incidences, and I find myself regressing easily.

Then again, I find myself feeling even more liberated because I have surpassed those circumstances and I am more grounded now than I was then.

There came a time when I had to accept the fact that I was more empowered through the tough times than I was during the smooth times.

Those experiences showed me just how flexible I was, just how passionate I am about my life, how much my survival instincts are well intact.

Some people in my circle shuddered when I abruptly left my home in the beginning of 2014.

You know what, though?

Plenty of successful people had similar experiences as I did.

Why are you penniless, Halle Berry?

Why are you starring in adult films, Sylvester Stallone?

Why are you sleeping in your car, Kelly Clarkson?

…the world asks itself.

They’d say that plenty of the idols you know and love hit “rock bottom” once upon a time.

They were down and out.

God help their souls.

Many of them had been displaced by a series of unfortunate events or were simply abandoned by their families.

Well, you wanna know something else?

As much as people blame others for their own poor circumstances, society is set up to do the same even when they don’t have the short end of the stick.

They blame and judge in the same way, yes, even the rich and the famous who weren’t always so fabulous back in their heyday.

Irony, much?

That really flips the script on my perspective of the finger-pointing that humans are so quick to do.

Blame comes from a place of hurt, but as you can see it can also come from the ego.

Blaming other people might feel good and empowering, but it’s a self-sabotaging habit that has quite the opposite effect in the long term.

Take it from me.

‘Where is your power, dammit?’

…I ask myself.

Where will you look today to claim your innate, God-given freedoms so that you can find joy and self-sufficiency no matter where you’re at in your life…and regardless of who contributed to you being there?


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