Journaling Prompt: “With Small, Little Bytes”

More than What You Can Chew

I have been known to stare at the computer screen for hours.

Can you relate?

Seriously, have you ever been so enthralled by an assignment, a project, or any kind of fulfilling task that you hardly ate, moved, took care of yourself, or noticed the time passing?

Maybe you have done this, but got so wrapped up that you eventually hit a block and then you ended up kind of how I did:

Frazzled and at my whit’s end.

Technology has helped make me like that.

My fascination with it really picked up speed in my high school keyboarding class.

I’ll never forget the two blonde girls who sat on my left and, in their boredom, fiddled with MySpace (vintage, I know).

The rest was history.

A good part of my technological awakening happened over a decade ago and I have remained alert and attentive to it ever since.

Being self-taught in this area, however, put me at a slow place in accomplishing the things I wanted to accomplish with these newfound tools.

Learning about web design and development, internet marketing, digital and social media–it was all worth it because I was eventually able to turn the skills I had into a career.

Neither did I have to sacrifice my computer literacy and my desire to learn more about technology in order to become something I felt that I had to be.

It was crucial for me to find the balance and the connections between everything.

Trust me: it hasn’t been an easy, straightforward route.

What on earth can someone with an Art and Spanish education do with internet marketing know-how, HTML/CSS/jQuery knowledge, and a heart for environmental activism?

I felt like a mime trying to juggle sombreros in Best Buy on earth day.

It just didn’t make sense…at first.

With all of that pent up energy for these various and seemingly unrelated passions, it would be better to avoid biting off more than I could chew.

It’s still hard for me to accept, but there will always be a learning curve even for the most expert-y expert.

That in mind, I had to also accept that some skills weren’t quite ready to come off of the stove top, so to speak, as I had plenty more work to do to develop them.

While they continued to simmer, I allowed myself to hone the others and still learn the things I needed to learn in the departments where I wasn’t so knowledgeable.

That approach has kept me present and patient and willing to let my career be a journey rather than a pie-in-the-sky dream that will one day fall down into my lap.

What’s cooking for you? Tell me. Show me.

4 thoughts on “Journaling Prompt: “With Small, Little Bytes”

  1. When I’m writing, I often get tunnel vision, blocking out everything around me. And when I first began doing genealogy research, I would get so hooked on following up on a clue, or a bit of research, I’d look up and realize that while I’d sat down at around 9:00 PM on a Friday night, it was now dawn and the birds were chirping outside.

  2. Ok so I love your mime juggling example, Sandra!! You are such a spark in my reading! 😉

    Currently what’s cooking is a lot of brainstorming, visioning, manifesting and meditation. Punctuated with bursts of creative action. A mess I know but it’s part of expanding!

    Peace and all things groovy to you, friend 😉


    • I need that spark back, Allison. I dropped the ball again, having gone on an adventure that was a pure leap of faith. I scraped my knee…so to speak 🙂

      Metaphors are good. They help me make sense of things and when they resonate with other people too, I feel like I have redeemed my personal experience in some way.

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