Your [Not-So Little] Superpowers

“I’ll always be there. Always. It’s not the powers. Not the cape. It’s about standing up for justice. For truth. As long as people like you are out there, I’ll be there. Always.”

~ Superman

We’re coworkers; we don’t need to get along. It’s horrible. You’re, like, the worst roommate ever. Sandra’s really tough to deal with.

Those statements, all directed towards me, are based upon true events. One was even spoken in Spanish. Nevermind the language barrier. The energy of its message still punched me hard in the heart. The power of words, man…they can do some real damage.

I am glad to say that I have healed from an immense amount of pain although I still duke it out with some baggage every once in a while. The firsthand verbal abuse I experienced in previous workplaces caused some of those pains.

I know that I’m stronger and getting stronger everyday, but it took a lot of suffering to become so. Because reliving my pain isn’t beneficial to me (or to you, for the record), I’m not going to rehash the events in which those statements were said and in what context. You can already see that they’re negative.

Instead, I want to redirect your focus to the aftermath of those events: how I viewed myself after hearing those statements, where I was led later in life, and the fact I–get this–intentionally express gratitude for some of the resulting pain.

I’m no Buddhist, guys, so my forgiveness and grace still has its limits sometimes.

Negative and harsh words chip away at the soul, especially in people who are incredibly sensitive and empathic like me. I really struggled with my sense of self-worth, my aptitude, my motivation and it was due in part to the traumas I was still carrying from abusive work environments. For one thing, I had to learn to separate myself from my work and who I am. I have found that if I get too wrapped up in things outside of myself and my personal truth, then I’ll be setting myself up to get my feelings hurt time and again. Of course, that realization alone didn’t help alleviate the post-traumatic stress disorder, but it did a good healing number on me.

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It took a lot of soul searching, a lot of detour-taking, a lot of devastation and delay to help me reach enlightenment about the true work I need to be doing. Call it blame or whatever, but I give credit to many of those negative, abusive statements for sending me down the rabbit hole of uncertainty…down down doooown into the deep, dark night of my soul.

To my surprise, it was there in the darkness that I encountered my truer calling. As much as I had an interest in digital marketing, in social media things and internet technology, I had to accept that as one small facet of my purpose. With eyes wide open, and as dark as it was, I could see what I had to do bright as day. I had to use the very same digital tools I was writing about and teaching others about in order to promote healing and more mindful approaches to the way us people thrive and make our living.

My uncertainty is not the end of uncertainty–not for me, not for you, not for anybody. I know what it’s like to live hand to mouth. In fact, I also experienced this on that same “dark night.” I know that I speak to a diverse audience with a wide set of skills that I or the next person beside me don’t have; and some of them, based upon the stories that have been shared with me, have dealt with the same things.

I have a design-oriented mind. I can write. I am resourceful. I can connect people. I will finish what I start or die trying. Yet, I can’t do everything. I don’t want to do everything. I also feel that interconnected people who unite on a similar vision are much stronger together than they are apart. That’s something to remember in the times that are coming our when god-only-knows what shit will hit the fan, permanently altering our paradigms about the way life, society, and people ought to be. It will be then that our superpowers emerge like never before.

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I mean, look, X-Men and The Avengers got this concept down and they’re all superhuman for crying out loud!

Everyone has something, both pain and power. Where I am weak, you are strong. Where you fall short, the person beside you has the ability to lift you up. Right here and now, maybe I’m that person and this is my superpower; and I want you to see all the power that lives within you.

Name one thing that you do well, but keep in mind that this is not about a casual interest in something or someone’s roles at a day job–this is something that you could live and breathe if you had the chance. I also encourage you to dismiss the first arbitrary skill that pops into your mind. Really consider your future and that of others, those you love, others you want to see become successful too, others who have something equally valuable to offer to humanity. Now write. Share any of your thoughts with me in the comments.


Live long and prosper (LOL)


P.S. I want to invite you to join The ILMC Network, an online community where we encourage one another, learn, give feedback, and make sense of how we make our living. If you’re feeling like you want to step into a realm of your life and work that’s more sustainable for the long term, this is the place to be, my dear.


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