Along the Way with John Kurth, Creator of Doug Does Life

John Kurth, Creator of Doug Does Life

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Sometimes the biggest disasters are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Okay, so maybe the not a licensed physician, but something more along the lines of a cosmic doctor. You might say ‘God’ or ‘a higher power’ or ‘life’s purpose.’ However you phrase it, it’s presumable that you seem to have an understanding of the external forces that define and guide us.

After a defining yet painful moment in his life, John embarked upon a journey that altered his perception about life, particularly what he was doing with his.

As a result, he and I crossed paths and now I’m able to share his work and his words with you in hopes that your eyes will be opened to the amazing opportunities that may be right in front of you even if they are cloaked in tragedy.


Your blog is packed with a immense value and wisdom. It seems to be heavily driven by your philosophies and your commentary about important aspects of life, maybe ones that get easily overlooked.

You also discuss the modern issues that affect people of retiring age. If not the challenges of retiring and post-day job life, what served as the tipping point for you to create this blog?

My blog came about because I didn’t know what to do with the rest of my life. I was injured at my last job, required surgery and was sitting home on disability. I spent the six previous years doing work I hated (code compliance officer for a major city) and wasn’t following my dreams. Much of my life before this job was spent working in the art field. I didn’t know how I got so far off track and allowed myself to become miserable. My blog started out as I began asking myself tough questions about myself, my life and my direction (or lack of).

As awful as that was, it seemed that you had to have one of those dark nights to discover your true calling of the souls as you had mentioned in a previous blog post.

I also saw that you have two series there: 1) Finding Your Path in Life, and 2) Connecting with Your True Self.

How did these projects emerge and eventually evolve? Can you talk about what that process has been like working on them?

These two series of posts are the result of me examining my life, where I’ve been and where I hope to be. Find Your Path In Life documents techniques I used to figure out if I was on the correct path. I challenged beliefs that I held since childhood, and basically tried to figure out why I am who I am. I believe most people aren’t living the life they wish to have, and that included me. I shared my discoveries about what I want to do with the time that remains for me.

It’s like Alexis Grant said, and I agree, that every good blog always evolves. Mine certainly has and I have grown right along with it.

 You have made an immense amount of connections through your blog too. Mention 1-3 other bloggers/blogs you’re currently following and why they’re striking to you.

 What do they prompt you to do? What value do they add to your life?

Jackass to Juggernaut – Glenn is very honest and open about life and the struggles that come with it. He’s been a big supporter of my writings.

Long & Luxe – Allison has varied interests but always seems to inject spiritual thoughts and ideas into everything. She often leaves insightful comments on my posts.


For more information on John, visit his blog, Doug Does Life. Be sure to like his Facebook page and follow him on Pinterest.

If you would like to be a part of the Along the Way series, you may send me an inquiry too!


9 thoughts on “Along the Way with John Kurth, Creator of Doug Does Life

  1. Hi Sandra, and John 🙂

    I was so very excited to see that this interview came out, and then I was surprised and delighted to have been so graciously mentioned as a blog that is striking to you, John. Thank you so much for that.

    I especially want to thank you because Doug Does Life means a great deal to me. In fact, I knew it for sure when John went on vacation and I missed his posts. You really know someone is speaking to you in a meaningful way when you miss their words and notice their absence.

    As it happens, today I’m really feeling the weight of questioning some big things in my life and I’m thinking I need a little time reflecting. And you know what? I’m going to check out that wonderful monkey Doug and the Finding Your Path In Life series. He always seems to enlighten us in a gentle way! Thank you both so much.

    Thank you John for sharing your incredible creative talent and wisdom, and thank you Sandra for so lovingly highlighting the very best of fellow dear bloggers. You both are a huge inspiration to me.

    Much peace,


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