Had I Known the Internet Would Change My Life

“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”

~ Mitchell Kapor

I can’t believe I’m saying this:

It’s probably for the better that I didn’t get my online presence set up until January 2012.

It was all quite new to me even as I was sharing my ideas with a group of young professional women I accompanied on a day hiking trip. I hadn’t done much at the time. All I knew is that I had finally found a way to say the things that were sitting in my heart, waiting to be said all along; and I wanted the world to know!

To tell you more of the truth, I really wondered if I had the willpower to stick with my new project. In the past, I hadn’t been very good at finishing what I had started and I can see that many creative people struggle with that same trait. I myself have declined assignments, tossed out some ideas, forgotten about a few commitments here and there, but I always came back around to what mattered.

The cause behind it may have been for personal reasons, but starting a blog has helped me develop professionally too.

This is why I recommend that every creative entrepreneur and professional get themselves set up with a blog or some kind of online presence that they maintain regularly.

Cyberspace is teeming of people who feel that they can hide behind their safety nets of a computer screen and keyboard. Some are downright abusive. I, alternatively, look at the internet and all these online tools as mechanisms for breaking down barriers and healing wounds and building communities that couldn’t physically come together otherwise.

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And to think that we did most of our post-modern communications through glass bottles, intelligent little birds, and Morse code…(thank you Internet for changing all that).

I am always encouraging people to use these tools  while they’re available. Anything can be learned, achieved, solved, and created with the power of some devices and a Wi-Fi connection.

Keyword: connection.

Lastly, I’m grateful for your eyes and for you having spent time out of your life reading this…and for your own internet connection, wherever in the world you are.

So tell me: what has been a groundbreaking development in your own life as a result of using the internet for your creative career? If you’re not set up yet, what have you been dreaming of doing online? 


Be bright and powerful beyond your wildest dreams,


6 thoughts on “Had I Known the Internet Would Change My Life

  1. Dear Sandra,

    I love this post. I see our online presences in just the same way – tools to be used for good. Funny enough today is my one year anniversary for my blog and I too am surprised and delighted that I’ve been able to keep it up. Mainly it’s because my readers inspire and teach me so much – I don’t think I could bear to stop.

    I’m so thrilled to have found you!

    Wishing you a peaceful Sunday ~


  2. As a writer, the internet has been a blessing for me in that many presses accept submissions electronically now. Gone are the days where I mailed off a story and waited for months to hear word as to whether it was accepted or rejected. (If I ever did hear word.) But as you pointed out, the internet can be a scary place. I’m thankful it wasn’t available when I was younger–bullying was bad enough in the classrooms then. I can’t imagine how it is now with social media too.

    • It’s bad. I still run across some of it here and there–from the youth AND adults–but hurt people hurt people. I had to learn that and fix it in myself because I got started off on the wrong foot on the internet, got into some nasty conversations with folks.

      Thanks for your two cents. You bring up good points!

      • Those are wise words, Sandra: “hurt people hurt people.” I get so sick of seeing people trying to tear others down, but looking at it from this perspective, I can try to have more compassion.

      • Everyday :\

        And that is true. That is best one can do.

        I don’t always succeed. I just spent five minutes of my life laughing at the music video that Ice JJ Fish made…if you Google it, maybe you’ll understand ha!

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