Along the Way with Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

Rakhi Roy, Food Enthusiast, Actress, and Blogger

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It didn’t take me too long to realize that there’s a close connection between health and creativity, moreover, the ability and drive to achieve things at all. From the jump, I felt like I had found an extra piece of solace and hope when I read the words and stories of Rakhi on the Little Bliss Book blog.

Maybe in a parallel universe I also would have started a health and food related blog to share my laundry list of struggles and triumphs, but that’s surprisingly a kind of vulnerability that I couldn’t bear. Not so much the case with Rakhi, who vibrantly reveals her successes and setbacks with an inspiring openness.

Have you been feeling stuck, low in energy, unfocused, mentally foggy, or unmotivated? I have been there too and it’s still a climb. However, I have noticed that when I’m in alignment with my body, my creative spark can course through me with much more ease.

If there’s one takeaway you can get from Rakhi’s words, it’s that your health, your life, and your ultimate purpose can and should be interconnected.


You’re quite transparent about food and how important it is to your life and well-being. 

What was your turning point in the health arena? Was it a gradual awakening or did you experience a sudden life-altering event that motivated you to change how you approach your eating habits?

I was born with out of the ordinary food allergies, to things like sesame seeds or soy. I mean who’s allergic to sesame seeds? It would just be little things here and there that I would avoid growing up, but when I got to college my eating habits became a little lax. Well maybe a lot lax, like most college students tend to get and at the end of 4 years my body had paid the price.

With food allergies, a stressful study environment, and bad sleeping habits my body erupted in the worst hives of my life. I had to go on a high dose of steroids to recover and then after that my immune system became weak and it’s never quite been the same. Rather than taking medication that could irritate my GI tract further I decided to start rebuilding my health my letting food be my medicine.

You’re strong for making that shift!

There is a lot of societal resistance towards healthy living. Logically, one would assume that humans would be more inclined to tap into their innate needs, but it’s not always the case.

What is your philosophy on that issue?

We are a product of our environment. We tend to buy into all the marketing that fast food companies throw at us and we buy what is available to us in cheap bulk quantities on the store shelves. What there is a lack of is food education.

I feel if more people knew where their food was coming from, and what the ingredients or labels like ‘all-natural’ really meant we’d have less people getting sick. I do see the shift happening though. More people are talking about healthy lifestyles on blogs and on social media, so the seed is already being planted for people to start thinking more consciously about what they’re putting into their bodies. It’s a slow and steady progress, but I’m hopeful.

With a good handful of food bloggers sharing recipes that are anything but healthy,you have a remarkable gift to share…but it might not be easily accepted by someone who can’t part with their coffee or their Nutella or their fried chicken.

What would you tell those kinds of readers and food bloggers? Why should they read your blog as opposed to any other food blog?

I like to put a creative spin on things without cutting out all the things I love about food. Like I love fried chicken,  but rather than cooking in deep fried wheat-flour gluten batter I’ll make my batter out of rice flour or my own gluten-free pancake batter.  Yep that’s right PANCAKE BATTER. So it’s not just for anyone who has dietary restrictions but it’s also a healthier alternative as well.

Maybe not a philosophy for the veggies out there, but I’m positive people on paleo and high protein diets would vibe with those clean dishes.

In March 2014, you began featuring blogs as part of your Blogger Spotlight project.

What other projects do you see yourself developing in the near future?

I’ve had this awesome idea in the works for a little while now but haven’t launched it yet. I’d love to introduce a forum on Little Bliss Book and create a discussion on various topics not just limited to food but to topics that everyone can share an opinion on, best practices, life hacks, and also finding bliss and what inspires us all.


For more information on Rakhi, visit her site, Little Bliss Book. Be sure to like her page on Facebook

If you would like to be a part of the Along the Way series, you may send me an inquiry too!


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