Journaling Prompt: “This is You Everyday”

The Creator, The Created

You are what you eat.

Ever heard anyone say that?

What about…you are what you create? That one might not get as much air time.

Not unless you have spent a lot of time musing about the nature of creativity and what drives people to make, to dream, to live, to be–yes, those are all creative things to.

You see, I don’t personally get why people say they’re not artistic.

They point their fingers at me and they shrug their shoulders and shake their heads in awe just because I express myself in a way they don’t.

I took Art Appreciation in college. The professor of that class sealed the deal for me. I became an art major.

*Queue all the negative, belittling comments about how I wouldn’t be able to make a living in my field*

It wasn’t about learning fine art techniques and painting pretty pictures. It taught me how to design things, how to design strategies, and hone my creative and critical thinking skills.

It taught me how to read into every tangible and intangible thing around me, all the spaces in between and the lack thereof.

It taught me that I am the creator and I am the created.

Take a moment to think about at least one thing you have created in your entire lifetime.

Are you a parent?

Do you make your own meals?

Do you take care of your body?

Do you obtain living essentials to furnish your habitat?

Think a little more outside the box because, when you do, you’ll see that you have been creating all along. Share your creations with us.


2 thoughts on “Journaling Prompt: “This is You Everyday”

  1. Almost
    (Answers to the questions above)
    Thanks for creating for the world!! You’re great Sandra Harriette

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