Journaling Prompt: “Underneath Your Perfectionism”

The Way You Want Everything

‘I love when people read my work that I don’t like all that much.’ — said no writer ever!

Have you ever had blog envy?

What about writer’s block?

Maybe you know what it’s like to lose motivation, focus, or interest in the things that, once upon a time, lit your spark.

Worse yet, maybe you have created something that you’re not all that proud of and it (or the judgement and criticism from others) have brought you shame.

Underlying all of these thoughts, some of which I wouldn’t doubt are minor fears of my own, is the curious case of perfectionism.

Take it from me.

I want my blog and all of my work, truly, to be “perfect.”

When I look at it and see how much it has changed and morphed and developed, I grapple with a conflicting sense of joy and discontent.

Do you know what that’s like?

Do you look at your creations in all their splendor yet still have a hard time overlooking their incompleteness, their inferiority to “better” and more “established” work, their mediocrity, their corniness…

…their imperfection?

I think our souls can undergo a massive transformation when we let go and let ourselves just be with our work as is, self-love and acceptance guiding the way and all.

Instead of thinking about what you can do better, what your goals are, what you want, spend some time instead with your fears, your worries, your frustrations. Write them down. Let them out. Share them.


4 thoughts on “Journaling Prompt: “Underneath Your Perfectionism”

  1. I know I read this before. But I feel like there needs to be a multiple like button because I really loved this the second time around. Self acceptance is so important. It’s a simple phrase and so hard to live only because we are conditioned from childhood to be hypercritical of our true nature.

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