Along the Way with Mikial Kenneth Millard, Writer and Artist

Mikial Kenneth Millard, Writer and Artist

Photo Credit: Mikial Kenneth Millard of

Creative people: we’re always changing, always growing. I find myself rather drawn to those who can admit it, such as Mikial. When he came onto my radar, I was immediately struck by his natural inquisitiveness and the spiritual principles that guided his artwork.

When I was in college, we explored the term, “art for art’s sake.” It made us students think about why we create, why we invest so much of our energy into doing what we do. The most fascinating piece of that school of thought is that we ourselves embody our work, since we are in progress just as much as it is.

Maybe that’s why we enjoy the process of creating because, with every act, we grow a little more.

There’s no reason to shy away from your situation as it stands now. There’s no reason to lose the present moment. Much rather, you can still accept the processes your going through for what they are although you might not have all the chips in place, or your project might not be going as planned, or you’re lacking the resources you want and need.

Take a deep breath because you’re exactly where you are. Meditate on Mikial’s insights based upon about his creative experiences:

You indicate that you’re a Writer, Poet, Novelist, and Visual Artist.

How long was it before you realized that this combination best suited your skill sets?

Since I was very young, I have been doing all of these things and working hard to perfect them. Sometimes in the past I would do them separately and, other times, all together. Presently, this is the first time that I have done all of these arts at such a high level and for so many people to partake in.

That’s lovely. Having an early start does allow an artist to develop those essential skills. I noticed that you share your creations in a variety of formats: eBooks, prints and more.

What motivates you to create and where do you get the ideas to do the work you do? How do you see yourself developing and cultivating your craft over the next few years?

I believe that I am the art and the art is I.Every bit of my work is a part of my essence that I choose to share with the world. I do not believe that there is a separation between my artwork and my existence. In all of my work I do my best to infuse the various projects with wisdom and intelligence so that not only are the projects beautiful, but they also enhance the individuals who come in contact with them. I act in accordance with the teaching of All Buddha’s when they said “Delight in what is present.” If I am too concerned with the future I will not focus one hundred percent on the perfection of now. I know that the perfection of now coupled with becoming an embodiment of wisdom and intelligence will ensure a future for me as an artist that is satisfactory.

I am working to remain more present as a creator myself. Those are profound principles and morals! Your tagline reads: “May the Rain Drops and The Oceans be One. I am an Ever Changing Writer.”

Can you give some more insight into the history of this statement? Do you associate any particular imagery with it? Can you find a specific picture to embody it?

This is a paraphrase of a statement from “The Upanisads” an ancient book of wisdom (Paramananda, page 16). The actual quote is this: “That which comes out of the infinite whole must also be infinite, hence the self is infinite. That is the ocean, we are the drops. So long as the drop remains separate from the ocean, it is small and weak; but when it is one with the ocean , then it has all the strength of the ocean. Similarly, so long as a man believes himself to be separate from the whole, he is helpless; but when he identifies himself with it, then he transcends all weakness and partakes of its omnipotent qualities.” This is a transcendent saying which goes beyond the five senses, perceptions of mind and points of consciousness and therefore I associate no image with it.

Name some other bloggers or writers who really influence your style.

I enjoy reading  Arvhee’s blog, In My Metaphorical Room. She is one of the most poetic bloggers I have ever come across.

Otherwise, my style is to have no style. Every project is extremely personal and unique unto itself. There has been no influence in my style of writing or art work, I simply meditate to find my inner beauty and then begin to create work. My mind is one of transcendence and I rarely create artwork that represents the mundane. My hope is to help others and in order to do that I must create my own path and walk the path that will give me the possibility of success via my own methods and consciousness. I could not do that following the path of another.


For more information on Mikial, visit his site. You can also see his artwork on Fine Art America.

If you would like to be a part of the Along the Way series, you may send me an inquiry too!


25 thoughts on “Along the Way with Mikial Kenneth Millard, Writer and Artist

  1. I’m new to blog-osphere. He once commented on my post and liked 1 or 2 too. I didn’t know about him not until this. This is a great post, a great way to learn about those people who appreciate other’s work. 🙂

  2. Mikial, my friend, I am overjoyed to see this for so many reasons. One, because you are worth every feature you get. Thank you so much for this mention! You are absolutely one of my favorite blogs around!

  3. art for me are like footprints and fossils of extraordinary living and long gone beings to remind us of their amazing existence, potential and reality – to inspire our innermost urges for evolution and tell us what is beyond words – they never seize to amaze enlighten and arouse the best in us – sure we change and evolve as we do , becoming more than we were – that is the gift of the present – but the footsteps, the art are no less – they assume an eternal importance like Michelangelo’s birth of Adam or David, the hymn of creation in the Rig Veda,, Shakespeare’s plays etc when they appear to surpass the creator and become their own guiding light and source of enlightenment – was the Buddha greater or his teachings?

    • Wow…now I’m gonna have to think on that. It’s the whole concept behind artwork not fully gaining appreciation until after the artist dies–something so widely talked about. Thanks for sharing your enlightenment too 🙂

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