A New Way to Look at Blogging

“Only on the Internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.” 
Allison BurnettUndiscovered Gyrl

Have you ever taken a break from blogging? If so, join the club…my club, to be exact.

I was working with a new client recently who pitched to me the possibility of working on some different projects outside of general content writing. He wanted to know if I had an oDesk account, and I do.

The little angel on my shoulder gently urged me to give it a face lift, but instead of just inserting the same content from the summary of my LinkedIn profile I felt like getting a little creative, pushing myself a little bit more than I normally would.

I recalled the story of how I began this blog, which I did by writing a provocative dream I had. Of course, for the sake of a business-minded potential client, I was brief in mentioning it, focusing instead on how I developed a multitude of digital skills around my newfound blogging habits. Who would have thunk that it would lead to my career?

That’s the first whammy: that anyone can even make money from blogging in the first place.

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Here’s where  it gets really controversial: I don’t think someone necessarily has to have a blog to consider him or herself a blogger.

Take a look at Zainab Riaz, the blogging mastermind of the Facebook page, Moonworld. She’s a gem and she’s a busy creator. I admire her gusto. She has a mini cult following and she has been consistently growing her creative love child there. When I asked her, she said she wasn’t interested in setting up a WordPress website or anything of that sort–Facebook was good enough. She deems herself a blogger and, in my humble opinion, she does what she does to add an extra pinch of beauty in an uninspired world albeit not having a website or a blogg-ey lookin’ blog.

I cringe a little when I see people who won’t allow themselves to have an outlet on which they can sell content, but I also respect their decisions to not give into the pressures of the digital superego. The word of the day is “website” and everyone says ‘get one or else!’

Well I say that any kind of content curator using any kind of platform is a blogger if he or she so chooses to be.

If you have taken breaks from blogging like me, don’t knock yourself either. Life happens. Dark nights fall. Inspiration runs dry.

Not to fret even if you were doing it as a living.

Taking that break makes you no less of blogger. If it did, it would be like saying a mother is a lesser mother for hiring a babysitter and giving herself a night off.

Breathe in that fresh breath of air for a moment and feel the paradigm shifting all around you.

What is your definition of blogging? If you have thoughts, tweet them out or share them in the comments below.


Write your heart out,


P.S. Fun fact: In my fun-loving research, I came across the first blog that ever existed on the web. You’d think that it would be a fossil by now! According to this infographic on the history of blogging, it was started 20 years ago, January 1994. Funny…I started my blog on a January. 


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