Let Me Express What My Definition of Success Is

“Open your mind, it’s beautiful inside.”

~ {From Pinterest}

Whether or not someone becomes rich fiscally, it doesn’t matter–anyone can still be wealthy.

Better to get that out of the way: money matters. I figured that I should start off talking about that first because it seems that so many (so often) think that being successful means having a lot of spending cash and then some. Not only that but also that wealth is strictly limited to money.

And it’s not. Wealth surpasses the limitation of a paper dollar, regardless of how many there are in the bank.

In fact, I have learned some shocking realities about the nature of money that have rocked my world, although I can’t say that it’s a common knowledge, groundbreaking realization.

Money has brought out the utter craziest of crazy in some people. In others, the most horrendous, horrific darkness that you wouldn’t think a human could muster, but they could and some have. It’s sad. It brings tears to my eyes.

Most of all, I am reminded when I reflect on my struggles and upon the struggles of others just how 1) transient money is and 2) that I myself have to remember the bigger picture when I’m thinking about making my living and how I do it.

…Oh, and I can’t forget to factor that in when I define success in my own words, for my own life.

I want to tell you about a conversation I was having with a family friend. She and I have had some very endearing moments over food conversations about nutrition, business, branding, and marketing.

She has been going through various transitions right now, many of which have lead her to some life altering realizations herself. Think life quest, soul purposes, destiny–along those lines.

I have been going through very similar experiences since…ever, really. Along the way, I can’t tell you how many people were sending me jobs [totally unrelated to my field, interests, skills, and now currently the work I do], and they were sometimes outright telling me to get a day job.

Hmm, well wouldn’t you know it: when my family friend was thinking about new career moves, her circles were telling her to start a business.

Man, isn’t that crazy. There’s no pleasing other people. Really, there isn’t. Even if I were that impressionable that I had no ability to think for myself, take what I needed in order to leave the rest, I would inevitably upset person B if I were striving to please person A…

…by letting their ideas and paradigms totally determine what I would need to do with my life.

There are so many sociopaths out there that we can meet. They seem to pour into others’ lives what seems so refreshing, a cool drink of water in an oasis, but it’s tainted and it’s laden with all of the contaminants and toxins that they have picked up over the years. They may be used to their own “water,” however harmful and fatal it is, but what they have to realize is that our “bodies” have a much lower immunity. By saying “bodies,” I metaphorically mean  our lives.

There comes a time when the only conclusion is ‘to each, his or her own’ when we’re talking about how each person becomes successful. (Click to tweet that!)

I will forever credit my success to these recent and current seasons of my existence, and that would include my encounters with the family friend I mentioned in the above anecdote. We had one hearty laugh when we realized how deranged and contradicting our life consultations had been.

Man…crazy. I am at a loss for words to describe the rest of my observations about others. I want to return the focus inwards to me and to you now.

A few final words for you:

My definition of success is still developing, first of all. What I can say about it is that it’s not quite standard and I have no qualms against telling the world that I may have some…rather Jesus-y/Buddha-y views about what makes life and work worthwhile and filled with success that I can accept. They’re complicated, but they’re my views and I allow myself to find fulfillment by trusting my own inner sense.

Is that something you feel that you can do too?


Hoping that you find it when you’re searching for it,


P.S. Do you have an interest in both intentional and green, sustainable living. Take a look at the updated blog that I manage, www.Little-Miss-Scooter.com. Speaking of success, to date, it has made me a proud mama in how far it has come from the womb of my creativity.


7 thoughts on “Let Me Express What My Definition of Success Is

  1. We talked about this and that conversation still rings in my head. This post and the video are good starting points for anyone finding themselves at a place of needing to change their environment (be it social or physical) for their well-being.

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