Telling the Difference Between Your Passions and Your Bucket List

“The show must go all over the place, or something.”

~ The character, Finn Hudson, played by Cory Monteith of Glee

I bet that you know quite a lot.

I bet that you know you do something well, and at the very least you can acknowledge a few things that interest you and can get you well out of bed. You know what you like, you know what you don’t like. You may dream of taking spectacular vacations in exotic places and you may have even gone as far as mapping out those dream places on a vision board.

You know your favorite color, the movies that make you laugh, the idiosyncrasies that you have, the things that make you tick, the people who warm your heart–yeah, you know a lot.

It’s amazing for all that you and I know about ourselves that it’s still nearly impossible to say we really know ourselves because, well, there’s always something to find out everyday.

I’m thinking back to 2 years ago when I thought I would pursue art therapy, which I probably did in a roundabout way. Yes, I talked about it and I had a lot of admiration for people in the field and how they expressed themselves, but was it for me? Maybe not.

I also know that I want to try a few things in my lifetime. We’re talking things that, once I have accomplished them–mm, let’s just say that it won’t do them justice to simply say ‘they made my day.’ Aerial silking, a handstand, a full split, a few languages, henna tattoos, meeting someone famous are all a few if I could even attempt a bucket list.

I reiterate: bucket list. I used to get so hung up on getting a professional title, making something of my interests, trying to formulate how I was going to live and finding the ideal field to pursue and this and that and everything you can think of.

Of course, at the right time a helpful quote would come when I’m thinking about this topic, and from the poignant newsletter of one of the wisest women alive, someone whom I admire very much:

There is a magical point, when, even though change is scary, the pain of inauthentic living becomes so great we are willing to get out of our comfort zones and make change.

It’s okay to let the pain and discomfort grow till you reach that point. It’s part of the process. It’s okay to be in the uncomfortable stage. It’s good to know this is part of your path, and part of everyone’s path, actually.

When do you make the changes your soul is longing for, you will look back on all this discomfort with fondness. You’ll want to thank it for showing you what your right work was and wasn’t.

So much of what we really need know in this life is how to let our lives unfold. And then we need the courage to keep showing up to look at what that unfoldment is showing us.

~ Tara Sophia Mohr

There you have it. Sometimes when I don’t have the words, and I guess I don’t have as much today, another’s person’s words can find the ones you want to say. Right now, I need to let these speak for me because I have reached a new milestone in my life at which I feel even more fulfilled by the work I do….I’m passionate about it and I have been reaching that point for a while in which I know that life is too short to get hung up on what goes into my “bucket” and what doesn’t.

But either way, my bucket is full.

Are you spending these days dead set on making your dream come alive? How so? Tweet me your thoughts or leave a comment below please, dear.


To many more years of fulfillment,


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