Is It Too Late for You?

“You’re a ghost driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust. What do you have to be scared of?” ~ Anonymous 

It was one of those days, and I just frankly…was not in the mood…

to be evangelized.

When a lady aggressively approached me at the mall to ask me this question, it took everything I had not to let my sarcasm get the best of me:

“If you were to die tomorrow, do you know where you would spend the rest of eternity?”

I couldn’t hold it in. I snarkily replied, “Do you?” because that’s the age-old question. right? It’s really hard to say what a place looks like that we have never truly visited, although many mystics would probably disagree with me all up and down. As much as she thinks she knows based upon her indoctrination, which I’m sure is quite beneficial on other levels, she doesn’t. I don’t. You don’t. No one does.

Let me get back down off of my morbid pulpit. I guess my mind has been there quite a bit recently.

While I would love to say that encounter with the evangelist was remarkable in retrospect and very evocative–no, I just can’t. I can’t even. Frankly, it still irritates me because I’m going through some real stuff and truly wish she would have respected my boundaries when I said from the get-go that I had not felt like talking.

I guess inspiration doesn’t always have to taste so wonderful. Maybe it’s bittersweet in a time like this when I’m contemplating a lot of existential things and wondering how I’ll make the most of my life. 

Hmmm, my life. Speaking of which, I wrote earlier that ‘writing is my life.’ It only seemed right. It felt right.

Once upon a time, it seemed like I would never grow a pair and start the blog like I knew I had always wanted to. It seemed like a far-fetched fantasy that would never come to fruition.

Nothing ever has, not as long as I sat about twiddling my thumbs.

When I drop the ball, feel like I’m playing a never ending game of catch up, I feel like I have lost out on so much even if it were just a day or a few minutes of my time. In a way, it’s only fitting that we have a sense of urgency about our time alive.

YOLO, you know. It’s important that you and I make the most of it. 

It might mean just starting a project even if you don’t have everything in place, all Ts crossed and whatnot.

It might mean starting from the drawing board and renovating something that was busted, much like how I’m currently doing with ILMC. Having a poor sense of direction about where something is going just murders my soul.

Why? Well, because a dying project means either one of two things:

It’s time to pull the plug of that life support OR it’s time to change it.

Both will take an immense emotional investment, and they have. Story of my life. Take my word for it.

If you have ever wondered if life is just passing you by (regardless of whether or not you’re pursuing what you truly want and need to be doing), it’s not. Trust me, it’s not.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck, take it easy. Focus on one thing. Your blog or website or whatever medium being used to present your body of work could be as ugly as lord knows what, but the most important thing is that you do the blogging, the very thing that readers come there for.

So, in my case, it’s the plight of managing three brands and having to see the  twin of one of those pass away, a slow painful death. Ultimately, this was a part of me, but I tried. I learned and I lived…and I’m still living. There’s so much more for you and I to create, alright?

Just keep creating. Keep living.


I raise a glass to many more years in your inspired life


Today is precious and it’s significant chunk of time in the life that you have left to live. How will you spend it? 


2 thoughts on “Is It Too Late for You?

  1. one can say things like: I bring joy and knowledge into others lives. One of the many things I do is write. How about you? how do you affect others?

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for the comment love! I take it that you pose those questions rhetorically to prompt people to go a bit deeper then the surface of a statement like ‘I bring joy and knowledge into others lives’

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