One of My Biggest Mistakes Yet

“The only way to get to your destination is to stop driving while staring in the rearview mirror.”

~ Lots of people said that

Ever have one of those ‘what on earth was I thinking’ moments? I have had quite a lot.

Aaaand queue the “Breathe Me” song by Sia to set the tone.

You have to be really careful listening to a song like this. I only recommend that you do it if you enjoy a little sadism every once in a while.

Alright, enough of my insidious, passive and self-directed snarkiness. It’s a lovely song and video, and fits quite nicely within my theme here, but it really hurts listening because it kind of makes me feel stuck in the same place.

Previously, another song inspired an anecdote that both myself and someone like you could use to reign in the new year and let go of the past. The whole concept of my anti-resolution was to stop worrying so much about what didn’t happen or go right because doing so would only get me lost in another time, anything except the present moment.

How ironic is it that I would follow up to that with another tale dwelling on my mistakes. There’s something so funny about that, I have to admit. It’s nearly impossible to make another good move without at times looking back and saying ‘phew, I’ll never do that again.’

With that, I share my biggest mistake yet:

Dwelling a little too hard upon my mistakes. 

Yuck, I loathe feeling like a cop out, but I have seen the living proof in my life. I have lived in my mind and body while I sat twiddling my thumbs, too afraid to do the unthinkable and take yet another risk and make my best effort to move ahead out of the funk I got myself in from previous mistakes.

The process of purging and releasing and detoxing is gradual from my experience. I certainly have a lot that I no longer need and I reckon that you do too.

Mental baggage

Physical issues

Financial mess

Confusion about your life’s purpose



Negative emotions

By now, I wonder if my message is starting to hit home and draw your attention back to those uncomfortable things but important things irregardless.

Hoping you find fortitude and abundant inspiration to guide you through this year,


What are you doing to move forward in your life right now? Share in the comments below or tweet me your response.


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