Truly Letting Go of the Past

“I’m working on a new me not because the old me is bad but because the new me can improve.”

How many times have you made plans, conjured up ideas, chased after dreams, all to let it slip through your fingertips?

Perhaps not too long after you had found your rhythm, you met reality shortly afterwards. You found it to be quite…tone deaf, very inharmonious and incompatible with all that you had going for you.

The end result? A stuckness and even though you’re trying to move forward, you’re still being caught up on all the has-beens and shoulda coulda wouldas of the past, not to mention all the pain and baggage you accumulated. How can we move forward when things like this happen?

(Play that video gently in the background while you soak up the following exhortation, my dears.)

So, here’s the stitch:

I recently moved and it was anything but expected. I’m not surprised to find that many people are going through their own similar transitions right now, especially as the new year is among us.

I have never been one to impose all the positive self-improvement I can do onto a new year. Sure, there is something about a that fresh number resembles typing on a vintage type writer. Once the writer reaches the end of a new line, a whole new one becomes available automatically, nice blank slate. That’s the essence of clockwork right there. I guess it validates why the new years is such a big splashin’ deal.

But after all the turning up and the empty promises to ourselves to shed that water weight , what remains? A slew of disappointments and next-time-I’ll-do-betters….

well, unless one can truly let go of the past.

Last year, I missed several chances to write on my blog. I missed several opportunities to make some more money. I didn’t follow through and lost valuable connections as a result. I did and didn’t do a lot, and you know the first thing on my mind:

‘Oh well maybe I can work a little harder, catch up and then I’ll feel better.’

*EEERRNNNT, screeching halt*

Darlin, if you ever thought to play a game of catch up (or, in my case, make up) then you’ll be living in the past and each and every new year will pass you by, each one weighted down with the unnecessary debts of the one before.

I have a feeling you know this to be applicable at least a little bit. Personally, I don’t have every answer you may be seeking about how to live presently, accept what you’ve done, the good and not so good, and move the heavens on. I’m right there with myself you still figuring it out day by day.

The key, though, is that I’m living right now, today, and making the rest of my chapter worthwhile reading.

Each new line on that page  is your story, your original creation. You may make some typos and errors. You may want to blot out some stuff. From time to time, you may want to go back and revisit a certain portion. That final product isn’t going to create itself. Life is the art of drawing, or writing in this case, without an eraser. 

Here’s to another great, inspiring chapter in your story, mistakes and all!


So, tell me: what are you going to be writing on the line of 2014? Tweet it out or leave a comment, will ya?

11 thoughts on “Truly Letting Go of the Past

  1. I’m so glad to get your posts. I love that quote about the next 365 days. each day is the beginning and not the dates on a calendar. I can certainly wait a week for your posts because I know I’ll get some great stuff. Thank you for your posts.

    • Hey Sandy! You’re so very welcome. I write these specifically for someone like you.

      Is there anything else that you’re going through that I might be able to touch upon related to this topic?

  2. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I graduated back in July and have been at the same internship since October and keep wondering if I could’ve made more connections or been more outgoing at college and be in a better place than I am right now.
    I think we all just need to take each day as it comes and do the best we can.. past regrets do nothing but harm us.
    Thank you for your lovely and inspiring post 🙂

    • Oh you’re so welcome darlin. I think about the second summer I went back to the same internship I had done before. I ended up quitting because it just felt like it was going in a different direction than I wanted to go, and I was going through some health issues back then. It was a lot.

      I saw this tweet that really validated me and the changes I was going through:

      “Make your decisions or someone else will make them for you.”

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