Along the Way with Mari McCarthy, The Journal Power Guide

Mari L. McCarthy, The Journal Power Guide

Photo Credit: Mari L. McCarthy

What happens when someone goes from working in a Fortune 1000 client management consulting business to working full-time from home, journaling and making a living through creative expression? Someone like Mari McCarthy, Journal Power Guide of Create Write Now, emerges.

Having grappled with illness around that time, Mari embarked upon a new, creative journey and decided to make a career out of journaling for physiological, emotional, and spiritual therapy. She birthed CreateWriteNow and shares the healing benefits of journaling with people who long to achieve more, find their missing piece, overcome their inner critics, and achieve more in their lives.With the holidays among us (happy holidays to all!), Mari’s insights are the perfect gift, packed with nourishment for creative spirits.

You share about your experiences in consulting and how you had a change of heart when you started getting sick with multiple sclerosis. It seems that the difficulties and pain you experienced almost literally forced you into a new way of life. 

Can you tell me more about the moment in which you realized the CreateWriteNow project was what you needed to be doing instead?

It was when I was using Journaling (specifically Morning Pages from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way) to teach myself how to write with my left hand. In a few short weeks, I realized daily pen to page Journal Writing was not only physical therapy but psychological and spiritual therapy and I wanted to set up a company and share this awesome personal discovery and growth tool with the world.

You’re quite ambitious and apparently ambidextrous. Everyone has one or more of those little fun facts about them that would surprise most people. Aside from the work that you’re doing, and the way in which you do your work, name some other things that make you unique.

Hmmm…I get the goals I go after by work, work, work (or practice, practice, practice) not magic or any special talents.  I have a positive attitude and follow my heart, instincts and soul and pay little, if any, attention to my inner critics or my monkey mind. What makes me unique is that I spend time working on figuring out how to  manifest healthy, happy outcomes.

List one or several quotes that inspire you to write.

I have three favorite quotes:

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. ~Buddha

As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In your experiences of working with and coaching clients through their own journaling projects, surely you have seen some remarkable and touching transformations.

Would you mind sharing a story or two about an experience with one of them that particularly impacted you?

One client, Carrie, has many journaling success stories. When we first met and she got back into a daily journal writing routine, she kept a journal for dumping all the negatives. When she completed the Journal, she burned it and got rid of the toxicity once and for all. Another thing she’s done is keep a health journal and not only has she lost and kept off 40+ pounds but she is only now on 2 different medications instead of 6.

I think everyone–myself included–has some level of negativity and toxicity to release.

On your website, you recalled the improvement in your health that occurred as a result of journaling. I imagine that many other amazing things happened in your life because, after all, you were so led to make your metamorphosis public.

Have you ever shared an excerpt from one of your journals? Do you care to share anything now?

I’ll be glad to share any and everything and answer any and all questions about my Journaling. In addition to my health improvements, I’d say I’ve transformed my relationship with myself. I now love myself unconditionally and I treat myself fairly and compassionately. Self-care is my priority now.

What projects are you currently working on that you would like to talk about?

I’m working on more Journaling Challenge eBooks on Writer’s Block, Life Transitions and Caregiver’s Thriving Guide and other new, creative and unique journaling prompts. I’m also a singer and am working on a new album, “Lady With A Song”.


For more information on Mari McCarthy, visit her website. You may also contact her on Facebook and Twitter.

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