Before You Start Yet Another Project…

Make it a priority to share your knowledge.

~ Shawndra Russell <— (I like that name)

Some people get so paralyzed at the thought of starting something new, something they know they should be doing. Then there are others who seem to be the opposite.

They have the maker’s addiction.

They can’t stop. They overcommit. They say ‘yes’ to nearly anyone who asks for their participation, ideas, time, energy, space, resources, and the neighbor’s parakeet. Something’s gotta give, but it doesn’t.

You see, there are so many problems with this that I don’t even know where to start. Well, yeah I do. I was once quite guilty of this. I was a “yes [wo]man” and I wasted a lot of time that could have been spent on starting my blog, writing my books, building up my career, and growing my reach on social media.

Now, by all means, I had a bit of fun piddling around and doing harmless YouTube skits and such. As I reminisce, I feel it would have been a much better use of my time getting to know myself more, tapping into what I wanted first, expressing my own voice so I could speak up clearly…and just say NO every once in a while.

So before you take on a new project, tune into yourself. Be real. No matter how fluffy and pretty as the invitation sounds (and I could go down a whole list of questions for you to ask yourself before you start something new)–ask yourself if you will even have time for it in the first place.

At the end of the 24-hour day, everyone has a finite amount of time on earth to spend.

What if you took on a new project, knowing well enough that you still had something waiting to birthed from you, and yet you were to die the day after that project ended? How would you feel?

Would you have been missing out on something? If you had any ability from the afterlife, if applicable, to reflect on your “living” life, would it be disappointing that you denied yourself full reign over doing what you longed to do, and doing it first?

Yeah, that may be a morbid idea, but it’s something you’ll probably take into consideration the next time you feel the maker’s addiction kick in, prompting you to binge out on an overwhelming amount of projects.

I have to play a mini devil’s advocate now because I’m all for collaboration, but I’m also for balance too. I think the best collabs occur when people who know how to keep that balance unite. They identify the people they are bound to work with, they maintain uplifting relationships with peers and followers, and they stay a healthy distance away from the nay-sayers who like pouring molten lava negativity onto their work.

Most of all they know when to say NO.

Here’s to more [of less] creating and expressing,


Have you ever collaborated successfully? If so, how did that go? If not, what are you doing differently now? Tell me or tweet it out ;D


3 thoughts on “Before You Start Yet Another Project…

  1. Sandra you’re hitting the spot every time! Learning to balance, filter and focus seems to me to be something of a lifelong challenge. Though I think we need to make the mistakes to recognise the danger signs in future. I wonder too if it’s a kind of ‘greed’ – we’re scared of missing out on something, whereas I have found lately that taking time for meditation and trying to stay mindful and in the Now helps clear my mind and the path kind of opens up (sometimes! I still have a very distractable side!). My main stumbles were in taking jobs in the past that sapped my emotional energy and paralysed my creative muscles, Nowadays I’m busier than ever in one sense but it’s all so resonant with my deepest self that it often does not even feel like work.
    As for collaboration, I’m finding too that there’s an easiness and an instant rapport when you know someone is ‘right’ – like yourself for instance! So thanks again for all you inspiration and accommodation

    • Hey Roberta, I tried replying to this from my phone a while back, but had some issue. This is a week that I, myself, am looking at the areas of my life even outside of my work and livelihood that sap my energy. That’s a biggie. I could write a novel on it…and perhaps one day I will. I’m so happy that your current woe is not about being unfulfilled by your work.

      I’m also struggling with meditation. You can tell how well it’s working by the content I produce. And lately I’m thinning out because of some very heavy, intense transitions I have been going through.

      So reading your comment to me was also quite timely, Roberta. I could write loads on this one response alone.

      • It is very reassuring to hear that others are struggling with meditation – I just seem to let it slip away for long periods of time, then when I start again and get back into the zone and get all the benefits flooding in again I think, ‘How could I let all this out of my grasp?’ I’m thinking its all about habit which only comes from a disciplined effort in the early stages of any endeavour. Let’s ‘plough on regardless’ (See Dr Eric Maisel’s latest book ‘Secrets of a Creativity Coach’) – let me just say again a very big thank you for all the inspiration Sandra – your blog is aptly named 🙂

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