As You Find Your Voice, Ask Yourself These Questions

“Every person you meet, every single one, is looking for their story.”

~ Inspired by every person you meet.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make if you’re trying to figure out how on earth to tap into your own uniqueness: copy-catting other people based upon how they flow in their uniqueness.

Shoot. When you still are trying to find (and express) your voice, don’t do that.

I’m going to contradict myself just a pinch here because I myself had to follow a lot of people’s work before I figured out what I was meant to do. What distinguishes what I did from deliberately copying is that I used their success as inspiration. I realized that and it helps me I operate more freely in my own creativity now.

I know that you have immense potential, and just maybe you have been exercising all your abilities and skills with much success. Alternatively, you might still be struggling creatively.  Do any of these types of challenges sound familiar?

Common Blocks that Inhibit You

You have to do what you have to do, and so you compromise, taking a less than okay job. As a result, there’s no time left to pay the bills and do what you really long to do.


You have too much to do, but you spend far too much of your time aimlessly perusing the internet, or watching Once Upon a Time and you end up writing mystical nonsense like this.


You feel frustrated or blocked in some other way because of some internal turmoil.

Whatever the case may be, it’s keeping you from living in the fullness that is you. It’s keeping you from all the wonderfulness of an inspired life full of the passionate world-changing, people-helping, business-thriving, and creative career-making that’s in store.

I digress.

Even if you know what you’re good at and you envision your future clearly, you have to start by speaking it. You have to breathe life into it (that’s the meaning of “inspire” by the way) and you have to have the voice to do that.

Questions that Will Help You Find Your Voice

  • What do people ask you for help with already?
  • How do they talk about you?
  • What did you do well in your previous jobs? This includes side gigs and odd jobs too.
  • What types of places did you work for?
  • If you ever did something solo, what made you excel in that?
  • What words did people use to positively describe you, your characteristics, and your work ability?

When you give that some thought about what you are and have always been good at, you stop going against the grain and start working your way up your own ladder to success.

Someone referred to me as a life coach a few weeks ago. And although that’s not what I do (but it’s not too far removed) I was very encouraged by that kind of feedback. Translation: life coaches help people, and I can say that’s certainly what I want to do.

I should add that what people say about you will not be the final word that dictates what you say and do. It should only help give you a sense, a fresh perspective that can feed back into your consciousness, a breath of fresh air to breathe in as you breathe out your inspired words–

into your career, your passion, your business, and your life.

In hopes of your expressive, fullest life,


How do you express yourself and share the work that you do? And just what is your work? Speak up. Tell me in the comments, why don’t you?


17 thoughts on “As You Find Your Voice, Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. ah….so, I am in a job that is just okay. I don’t mind what I’m doing, I hate going into the office for various reasons. Luckily I’m able to telecommute a couple days a week. oh, wait, that’s not been approved yet. yea, what’s the hurry anyway huh? it’s only been 3.5 weeks since I submitted the form….but **I** digress 😉 I’m frustrated by the lack of teamwork, the lack of a good manager (read: I’m supposed to drop what I’m doing so that some VP has reports in ONE DAY but get my telecommute form approved? who cares about that?!?!) and I guess I’ll stop with those. meanwhile, I’ve been looking for another opportunity, thought I was going to get one……..and imagine my disappointment when they CALLED to tell me I didn’t get the job???? goodness. couldn’t she have just emailed me? all this to say, I want to be done with my current gig and move on to a “better” place. oh, I know the grass is not always greener but there HAS to be something better than this!! I’m not sure this is exactly what you were looking for in a response but it’s what is on my mind this morning as I contemplate yet another very busy week without much recognition……thank you for this post tho. I’m going to re-read it later and ponder the universe some more. I know there is something better out there for me, I just hope it doesn’t take too much longer to find….

    • Toby, thank you SO much for sharing and bearing your pain. That’s not easy. Many people have been in jobs that undervalue them. It seems to be a product of the economic system we’re set up in.

      I feel your frustration deeply. Can you tell me specifically what your ideal position would be so I can be of more help?

      • ah…that is not so easy! here’s the deal: I’ve been doing accounting/financial analysis for over 20 years and I’m very good at it. is it my passion? a resounding NO!!!! I now realize I should have been a Spanish teacher (I have a degree in Spanish and the equivalent of a degree in accounting tho it’s technically called a certificate….same classes, different program). I hope to be done working by mid 2020 and am at a salary level where I cannot go back to pursue teaching. I’m sort of forced to stay in the field I’ve been in for my entire working life. The job I didn’t get was an accounting manager. (I was one of 3 final candidates…..again! been here once before a year ago) While I did not like that it would supervise people, it was “ideal” in so many other ways: doing accounting again (I’m an analyst now and have been for over 10 years….part of my issue trying to get back into accounting;would rather do accounting again), nonprofit organization, close to home…..My thought was to look for something closer to home (read: not riding the bus downtown) in ideally a nonprofit org. (tho I am applying to for profit places too) that I can tolerate better until I can semi-retire in 2020. does that help? 🙂

      • From what you’re telling me, it seems that there have been several blocks that have impeded you from living your life fully, from being able to enjoy what you do and reap the benefits of doing it. Would you say that’s accurate?

        I will send you some information about a free transformational webinar/call I plan on taking part of tonight. It will be held by a holistic healer (visit It’s a bit esoteric. I still think many people who are striving for a different life like you and I could benefit from it.

        In the meantime, I will be on the lookout for opportunities that match what you want to do. You can also join the group I created to network with other creative careerists like yourself.

      • I suppose you could say that’s accurate. when I took this job it was so similar to my last one that I thought it would be okay, even though I’d prefer to be back in accounting. It has just been a big disappointment. I am not sure about blocks impeding me, unless you call someone not seeing my potential and hiring me a block. Anyway, thanks for the info on the webinar tonight. I am not able to be there at that time, but I appreciate the information nonetheless. and thanks for the facebook group too!

      • You’re so very welcome, Toby! We all have to support each other.

        Listen to your heart. I’ll be posting some stuff in the near future that I hope can catalyze the change we all need to see in our lives.

        I’ll keep you in mind.

  2. Sandra,

    Ok, you are too groovy – I keep coming back to your site because it is so inspiring! Like you are speaking right to me. Then I realized you posted this very post on my 35th birthday, exactly. And I’ve been getting serious about understanding and listening to my authentic voice since that very day. How can I use it to do the most good? And once I know, how do I do it? These are the questions I am asking myself right now.

    Thank you so much – I am printing this right now to re-read later.

    Peace to you,


    • That’s amazing! I had to chuckle. No one has ever told me they’d print my articles 🙂

      Great questions to ask oneself. I’m still learning when to speak up and when not to in a figurative sense. I have to work daily to keep my voice sharp and in check. It’s a process that needs honoring and cultivating.

      Happy belated birthday too!

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