Journaling Prompt: “A Blast from the Past”


Like a Good NeighborExes. Memories. Old friends and colleagues. Déjà vu.

The past is like a neighbor: no matter where someone lives, everyone has one…at the very least, one.

Do you remember a time that you encountered someone in a rather unexpected place, someone you had not seen in a while, someone you thought you would never see again?

What was that experience like? Was it refreshing? Was it unnerving? Was it relieving?

Now switch things up a bit…

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9 thoughts on “Journaling Prompt: “A Blast from the Past”

  1. Interesting question.

    Its like, you ever see people in the grocery store and you REALLY don’t want to talk to them so you avoid them awkwardly only to see them at the checkout line and have to say something to them?

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